One of my students completed the ‘modern portraits’ exercise and I though that it was so wonderful it had to be included on our blog. It has such scope for a story, almost an illustration for a children’s book. I asked my student if she would write a little about the piece and here is the text below. I hope you enjoy viewing it!

“…My thoughts on putting this painting together came from the fact that Alex my cat will spend hours just staring at the fish. I often wondered how they felt about him as they would sometimes seem to study him quite closely too. When I looked at the brief for a surreal painting in Assignment 4, I saw the opportunity to consider the situation from the fishes’ point of view and how they would feel if he really got close – like actually in the tank. I had a photo of Alex with a very sneaky look on his face which I thought would be a good reference. I had a lot of fun with this one and really enjoyed painting the fish which I had never tried before.”
Gerri (Pet Portraits Diploma D5)

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