Acrylic study of dog halter and fur…

This study of the chest and halter on a dog is from one of my top performing students currently working on the Pet Portrait Diploma Course. This students skills are superb and the painting below in Acrylics really shows the students skills off well. Time and care has been taken over this study, it is not hurried, the reference photo she worked from was large and clear and so that she could easily see the detail which is imperative for the outcome of a good painting. I hope that you all find this inspiring!

Portraiture Student – Hand Drawings

These are two wonderful and very advanced drawings from a student who is currently studying with our tutor Nick Beall on the portraiture course. This student really enjoyed working with the hand drawing exercises and did many sketches from life and also took photos of hands in different poses and worked form photos too. I think the studies are a great success and definitely one for the college gallery.

Special Offers on Courses…

Special Offers On Courses…

Don’t forget you only have 7 more days to purchase our courses that are currently on offer.

Selected Diploma Courses Normally £320 – NOW £275.00 (Overseas Students £290)

D1 Drawing & Painting Diploma >>
This is our Foundation course covering a wide range of subjects and introducing the student to basic drawing skills and the use of various media. A well proven course that is suitable for beginners and for more experienced students who either want to revisit basic techniques or to extend their skill base. Tutors: Alan Dedman and Maja Hill

D5 Pet Portraiture Diploma >>
The pet Portraits Diploma teaches students how to draw and paint a range of animals. This can be done for business or pleasure depending upon the ambition and the ability of the student. The course also looks at the commercial side of Pet Portraiture including how to sell your work and how to start your own business in this field. Tutor: Melanie Phillips

D8 Watercolour Diploma >>
The watercolour art course has been completely updated and renewed in 2011. It includes all the basic watercolour techniques and has a broad approach that students will find informative and hopefully inspirational. Side by side with traditional approaches to painting with watercolours, you will find suggestions and ideas that may be new and challenging. Tutor: Jan Nesbit

This offer is only available when enrolling online and paying in full. The discount will be applied before your card is debited.

‘Life In A Day’ Poster Design Competition

We have been contacted by Scott Free Films Limited to ask if we will help publicise a competition to design a poster for their ‘Life In A Day’ film. It looks quite exciting, have a look at the trailer of the film below, and the details and if you are the successful candidate please do let us know.


‘Life In A Day’ Poster Design Competition

We will be holding a poster design competition ahead of the film’s release in which participants will have access to our raw media assets to help design their poster. It is completely up to each participant as to how they use these assets and there is no stipulation that even requires them to use these assets at all. The best posters submitted will be whittled down to a select short-list, with the winning poster ultimately being selected by internationally-acclaimed directors Ridley Scott and Kevin Macdonald.

While we are yet to finalise the specifics of the competition, the prize will include things like:
– A copy of the winning poster in one-sheet format, potentially signed by producer Ridley Scott and director Kevin Macdonald
– The winning poster being prominently featured at the London red-carpet première
– Tickets for the above première in London
– The possibility of having the winning design feature as part of the marketing campaign for the film, featured on YouTube, our film website and Facebook page etc.

While we understand that this competition could not come at a worse time in terms of the academic year as well as being to a tight deadline, we really think this is a fantastic opportunity for anyone wanting to kick-start a a career in graphic design, with the name recognition of Scott Free Films alone being a great calling card that will impress any potential employer in industry. Please let us know if this competition is of interest to you and your students and we will send out an E-Mail early next week detailing how people can take part as well as where to find the media assets for the film.

As a brief overview to the film itself, last year, Ridley Scott and Kevin Macdonald appealed to millions of YouTube users around the world to make a short film that documented their particular day on July 24th 2010. The appeal saw a phenomenal response and resulted in over 80,000 uploads from users from 192 countries that totalled over 4,500 hours of recorded footage. The best clips were subsequently selected and edited into a 95 minute feature film titled ‘Life In A Day’ that will see a UK nationwide release on June 17th 2011.

Please find the trailer to the film above or at the following address:
Follow us on Twitter:!/LifeInADayUK
Follow us on Facebook:

SAA 2011 Artist of the Year Competition

We have just heard the news below from one of our students. We wish them the best of luck with the SAA Competition!

Dana……”I’m chuffed that below painting made it into the SAA 2011 Artist of the Year competition and is now in the final. The category is beginners portrait or figure (beginners are classed as people painting 2 years or less). Cross fingers for me, the decision is on the 6th of June…”

Cartoonist collaboration with Cait…

We have received an email from a lady who is looking for a cartoonist to help her with her new project. Caits details and information is below. If you are the successful applicant please let us know!


I am looking for a talented cartoonist to work with me on a script / TV cartoon idea which I have created that needs bringing to life! The sort of style I am after is Garfield / Roadrunner/ Simpsons style (block colours, stylised as opposed to ‘pencil’ style). The theme is adult humour / black humour (think South Park), so not really kiddy cartoons per se.The facial expressions will be the most important thing.

I would be looking for someone who can work with me to bring it to life and take it to the next level – hopefully a pilot with one of the big networks. If you think you have the sort of style that would suit, please get in touch!

My name is Cait and my details are: or 07939 568 402. I hope to hear from you.

Contemporary Artwork

This is a very contemporary piece by a student who has been studying the coloured pencil certificate course. This image is very strong, and the colours the student has used to create the dark background are excellent. Its often better to use a variety of dark colours, such as purples, browns, oranges, crimsons, dark greens  etc rather than using just black which can give a very flat feel otherwise. A great piece.