Acrylic study of dog halter and fur…

This study of the chest and halter on a dog is from one of my top performing students currently working on the Pet Portrait Diploma Course. This students skills are superb and the painting below in Acrylics really shows the students skills off well. Time and care has been taken over this study, it is not hurried, the reference photo she Continue Reading

Portraiture Student – Hand Drawings

These are two wonderful and very advanced drawings from a student who is currently studying with our tutor Nick Beall on the portraiture course. This student really enjoyed working with the hand drawing exercises and did many sketches from life and also took photos of hands in different poses and worked form photos too. I think the studies are a great success and definitely one Continue Reading

Special Offers on Courses…

Special Offers On Courses… Don’t forget you only have 7 more days to purchase our courses that are currently on offer. Selected Diploma Courses Normally £320 – NOW £275.00 (Overseas Students £290) D1 Drawing & Painting Diploma >> This is our Foundation course covering a wide range of subjects and introducing the student to basic drawing skills Continue Reading

Cartoonist collaboration with Cait…

We have received an email from a lady who is looking for a cartoonist to help her with her new project. Caits details and information is below. If you are the successful applicant please let us know! =============================================================== Hi. I am looking for a talented cartoonist to work with me on a script / TV cartoon idea which Continue Reading

Contemporary Artwork

This is a very contemporary piece by a student who has been studying the coloured pencil certificate course. This image is very strong, and the colours the student has used to create the dark background are excellent. Its often better to use a variety of dark colours, such as purples, browns, oranges, crimsons, dark greens  etc rather than using just black Continue Reading


INTERNATIONAL PRINT BIENNALE The 2011 International Print Awards are the centrepiece of the International Print Biennale. The Awards are an open submission opportunity for British and international artists and are open to all artists whose work encounters print. Works in any medium will be considered and is not restricted to 2 or 3 dimensional works. Exhibitions Continue Reading

Young Artists Illustrated Poem

For those of you who follow our student artwork blog regularly, you may have seen this poem illustrated by our young artist students before. It is fascinating to view the different approaches the young artists take when illustrating it and they do come up with some wonderful ideas and designs. The image below is no exception. A superb piece.

Pet Portraits Student

This drawing is from one of my own students who has just completed the pet Portraits Diploma. Here the student has depicted a rabbit and guinea pig interacting together quite comfortably. Adding two animals together in a scene can be tricky, particularly if you are working from separate photos, so it is something to practice for those who are learning their craft. This is a lovely drawing and one this student should be Continue Reading

Still Life Painting…

Another still life from a student studying the painting and drawing course, this time the flowers are accompanied by a mug and a vase. This brings new elements into the scene which allows the student to play with the light and shadows and reflective light and colours between the objects. The overall colour scheme here is very calming and peaceful, Continue Reading