Oil Painting Course Student work…

This really caught my eye this week when viewing the students work as I simply love a limited pallet painting. This student is currently studying the Oil Painting course written, illustrated and tutored by Alan Dedman, available from the London Art College as a distance learning course. The sepia and rich brown tones in this piece really give a feeling of warmth with a sense of history behind the scene. The old archway, the stone, the light coming through the doorway and the texture of the stone is great. Overall a lovely piece to view.

Design a Debut Album…..

Meisha are looking for talented artists to design artwork for their brilliant debut EP.

Working with new artists in the past resulted in this stunning video from Alec Strang and Dickon Knowles. Meisha feel strongly about working with good people who have original ideas and a fresh take on art and design, people who can create standout designs without rehashing everything that’s been done before! Ideally, the artists whose work goes on the EP will work together with Meisha in the long term, creating a unique and defining feel for their future albums.

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Children’s Illustrators – A Must Read Article

We have been alerted to an interesting article, very informative and inspirational for serious illustration students. If any of our students who are taking the Children’s Illustration Diploma course and are thinking of taking the step towards publishing, please read this article – it’s a must read!

Simon & Schuster’s children’s publisher Jon Anderson said, “This was easily the liveliest Bologna I’ve been at in years. It’s very heartening. There’s a palpable sense that things are looking up.”

Article – ‘Back to Business at a Buoyant Fair’ Bologna Art Fair

Portraiture student

This is a piece of work by a young student who is currently taking the portrait course. This drawing is very expressive, the student has captured the look of the model and drawing people pulling faces can really help if you are learning. The wrinkles of the skin, the expressive eyes, the head on an angle can all work in your favour far more than an plain, straight on pose.

Portraiture Student Artwork
Portraiture Student Artwork