Watercolour Diploma Course

New Watercolour Diploma Course, now up and running. Written and illustrated by Jan Nesbitt
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From basics to beyond…..

Watercolours are in the news at the moment with the exhibition at the Tate, London, from which have sprung mixed views , reviews, discussions and all kinds of opinions. The Tate says it invites us to challenge our preconceptions of what watercolour is, and to celebrate it’s variety. Our course at the college invites you to be ahead of current trends or to follow well established paths. It’s your choice.

Watercolours can be very contemporary, exciting, new and bold, or more traditionally beautiful, luminous, ethereal, mysterious…….

Watercolours are portable, easy and quick to set up. The painter Paul Klee used to paint tiny paintings almost the size of postage stamps in watercolour, at the corner of the kitchen table whilst trying to help with domestic chores for their baby!

Painting of any kind is a worthwhile and enriching experience, and can be an antidote to the fast disposable digital images, that we all use now and quickly disregard, without developing or cherishing them perhaps. Deepening our way of thinking, our imaginations, our inventive side, can be one of the most fulfilling, valuable, widening, and yet readily accessible experiences that we can all have. Watercolour is a great way to do this.

One of my current watercolour students who has a lifetime of engineering behind him, wrote to me the other day that although he initially took up painting as a pastime, he now finds it as absorbing as anything he has done before.

These paints can be so versatile, and there’s now a burgeoning interest in this exciting, expressive and challenging medium.

Come and join our new Diploma course and find out for yourself, find your own voice with Watercolour Basics and Beyond with Jan Nesbitt. Read About Jan on her tutors page >>

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