New Changes to the Watercolour Course…..

I’m Jan (Jan Nesbitt) and I’m tutoring the Watercolour Course again and making some hopefully exciting additions and changes in the form of new thinking, new writing with useful information, and exchanging existing examples of my work in the course with my most recent paintings.

I’ll be talking about fresh techniques I’ve discovered and passing on these ideas that anyone can use, and then develop their own. We’re re –  naming the course something like …. ” Learn to Paint Watercolours, Basics and Beyond with Jan Nesbitt ”  …….  and it really will be a course that anyone can enjoy, at whatever level of experience or interest.

All the basics are there and clearly explained and demonstrated, as well as techniques and approaches for the more practiced or experimental person.

We hope you’ll enjoy the new and existing exercises as you progress through the course . These ideas are built on the skills learnt and are practical, varied, and interesting with lots of room for your own unique interpretation.

If you look at my biography under the tutors section on college website, you’ll learn more about me and my experience and see details from some of my paintings.

I hope that I can help and inspire you as individuals to reach your full potential. We are all at various stages along the same path….  a fulfilling and rewarding one too! We will update everyone on the progress and when the new course will be available early next year.

More info and paintings on my web site-

watercolour course

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