Horse Portrait…

Welcome to our latest blog post, this time about horse paintings. This horse portrait is from one of our London Art College students who is studying on the Pet Portraits Diploma Course. We felt the portrait was completely blog-worthy and hope it inspires our readers.

The horse looks very strong in the painting and the overall feel is very realistic. We love the subtle blues and well painted clouds. The horse has a lot of movement and the shadows on the horse help form the muscle structure in the horse, helping to create realism. The low eye level of the background adds to the strength of the horse too, we are looking up at him, which makes him all the more magnificent! A superb horse portrait which has been painted in oils beautifully!

horse portrait

6 thoughts on “Horse Portrait…”

  1. Hi – thank you very much for your comments, I’ve just had to look twice as I was just browsing this section and saw my horse painting! Yes its in acrylic 🙂

  2. Glad you like this painting! I have just added the student of the year gallery, you might like to go and have a look at that too, there are some lovely horses there.

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