As you may have noticed the college website has undergone some changes and updates this week. We hope that you enjoy looking around our site, finding the new things we have added and tweaked! We feel it is much easier to navigate and hopefully a joy to view all of the student artwork and available courses.

The students now have their own section called Student Area which houses the interactive areas of the site from the college news blog, the student forum, buttons to login to upload your artwork to your tutor, student success stories and testimonials, the student honours list and the student of the year section. This is now allowing the interactive area to grow so we can add lots of new features over the coming months.

One of our newest sections is business and commissioning advice written by our very experienced commercial artist Julie Douglas. It is well worth a read and definitely one to bookmark, especially if you are thinking about starting your own business in the art and craft field.

The help section for students to upload their artwork has been updated and soon the student area will have a new design too, we will blog this when its complete so watch out for that……

We hope you enjoy our new and improved website!

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