A Graphic Design Students Story….

Blog Post By Hana Tesar

I have been drawing all my life and I always wanted to work in any kind of field which has something to do with arts, unfortunately I’m still waitressing (very hard to take, sometimes) and I’m not living from the art at all. I still didn’t break the ice… It all started in Ireland where I applied for Bachelor of Art, but they told me that I’m too far along to go all the way back and repeat everything I already did ages ago. They were right. I started anyway but I was so bored in the class so I left after a while. I took graphic design courses instead on Galway Technical Institute in Ireland. Last year I applied for Illustration in Edinburgh in Scotland but I didn’t get in. I’m not really use to talk about my work and the interview was disaster even my work is outstanding. I learned from it lot.

Shortly after that I discovered London Art College webpage. How fantastic on-line diploma course in Art in Graphic Design, wow.. and many more interesting courses…I was so so happy because on-line course gives me more freedom, specially with the time. I love to take also Science Fiction & Fantasy course after cause my sketch books are full of characters and I love comics, tales & short stories…. Art in Graphic Design course gave me a lot. It enriched my personal style for bold ink style which I never had before and gives me fantastic pieces for my personal portfolio, which can open me a door to graphic design which I try to learn.

I took the art in design course with a hope to start freelancing on-line, what is my dream. I moved to London recently and plan my solo exhibition for next year…My personal work is drawing on MDF- wooden boards, based on organic unusual pieces which I usually resize or just simply take out from context and change from organic to industrial or industrial to organic. This way I play on peoples perception, what they actually see is nice delusion of little humble object what will otherwise pass us by…I attached one of my object pictures below : Dust mite of Neil Mc.Carthy

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