For this blog post we will be focusing on the wonderful artwork of student Pernilla Nehler who is currently studying the Portraiture course. She has very kindly allowed us to post her work, and we are delighted! The student has written a short paragraph below about her experiences and why she decided to take the course. We wish Pernilla every success in the course and for her future portraits!

I love to draw/paint – used to be my favourite subject in school. I even tried to get accepted to some different art schools after secondary school – didn’t succeed, so I gave it up. The years went by and I got an education in IT instead, meet my husband, bought an old house and got two sons. There were no time for me to paint – except house walls! But now, when my two boys are a bit older, 10 and 13, I again have own time to spend!  I have tried some evenings courses earlier and last year another distance art course but has been rather disappointed. I think that LAC will prove to be a much better choice! I have just started with the portraiture course, hopefully it will be a step towards my long term goal that one day be able to do portraits on commission.


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