Waterstones ‘Picture This,’ competition entires……

We advertised on the blog about a month ago a competition by Waterstones.  Entrants were asked to illustrate a double page spread with full colour sketches of three main characters and two animals from a book written by Julia Donaldson – ‘Freddie and the fairy.’

Two of our students entered and although they weren’t chosen for the final six I think you will agree that their artwork is wonderful. It definitely deserves recognition. The two students are Carrie and Sarah who are both currently studying the Children’s Illustration Course.

Carries work –





Hello, I’m Carrie Osborne… I’m a busy Mum of two little girls – Elora and Elswyth, aged two and five who are both a great inspiration for children’s illustration and take great interest in my coursework! I completed the children’s illustration diploma course in April this year and passed with distinction! I am now doing the children’s illustration follow on course to work towards building a professional portfolio, and hope to pursue picture book illustration as a future career. I would also like to write and illustrate my own picture books, so there is a lot to work towards! This was my first art competition, and a very educational experience I think! Without the encouragement LAC has given me, I would not have entered at all!

Sarah’s Work …….



2 thoughts on “Waterstones ‘Picture This,’ competition entires……

  1. Since the results are delayed until Wednesday and there’s nothing on the Waterstone’s site or Twitter, where the competition is featured, how do you know the shortlist results already?

  2. Hi Saijai,
    The thread about this competition is on our LAC forum and as one of the girls explained on there the short-listed contestants have already been informed even though the list of hasn’t been released yet, so they knew that they hadn’t been short-listed. Hope that helps and you can follow the thread here – http://www.art-tuition-forum.com/viewtopic.php?f=22&t=272

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