Botanical Illustration Student

We are delighted to showcase one of our Botanical Illustration Students artwork. Kamila is midway through the course and as you can see from her botanical watercolour paintings below, her work is exquisite. Kamila has also written a paragraph for us so we can find out a little about her and her artwork too! We wish Kamila the best of luck as she progresses through the course.

About Kamila

I was always interested in art and did a foundation course in art from Reigate School of Art and Design in 1980. That was the last time I touched a brush till we relocated to Singapore from Pakistan a few years back. Leading a life of an expat wife without a job gave me time to rediscover painting. Last year I took a kimono painting class and there has been no looking back. I have always been fascinated with botanical illustration especially the precision and detail it entails. I looked around for courses in Singapore and not finding any I came upon the course offered by The London Art College.





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