Judy Elizabeth Wilson’s Illustrations….

We have received a wonderful email from student Judy Elizabeth Wilson about her beautiful illustrations in a new book that’s being sold for Cancer Research. Contact details are below if anyone would like to order.


A Christmas Journey is a children’s book I recently illustrated. The story is by Donald Hastings. Donald’s daughter Kerry promised her dad she would publish his story earlier this year, It is a story Donald read to his children 25 years ago about two little girls who are getting ready for Christmas when a surprise visitor takes them on an adventure they will never forget! Kerry kept her dad’s promise and the book is now published and on sale. You can read about our continuing journey on our Facebook Page.

If anyone would like to order a book please email achristmasjourneybook@gmail.com

The book costs £5.99. All proceeds go to Cancer Research.

Judy Elizabeth Wilson
Illustrating Children’s Books Follow On Course


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Joanne’s Success….

We have just received this wonderful email and artwork from Joanne Taylor who completed the Drawing and Painting Diploma. It has been lovely hearing from Joanne again and we are thrilled that she is doing so well. We hope our students enjoy viewing Joanne’s artwork below.


I just wanted to send you this email as it’s been 2 years this month since I completed the painting and drawing course with London art college and I wanted to show some of my work that is proudly hanging in my little garden studio.

I try all sorts of painting but my love is acrylics and I think I found my style now as I stand back and look at my work, bright and not too realistic – more decorative painting.

So I just thought I’d email you as you were my first real stepping stone and I’m even more obsessed with painting now than I was 2 years ago!!


Joanne Taylor Xx
Drawing and Painting Diploma


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Astrid Nielsch

Astrid Nielsch, who completed the Science Fiction and Fantasy Art Course has written us a truly inspiring piece for our college news blog, along with three beautiful pieces of her artwork below. We are thrilled that Astrid is doing so well with both her artwork and her studies and we wish her every success in her future endeavours!


One of the questions my tutor asked me when I had freshly enrolled in the Science Fiction and Fantasy Art course a few years ago, was “What would make you feel that taking this course was worth your while?” – I hummed and hawed for a bit, and then settled on “I’ll consider the course a success if I start getting paid for my work”. I felt a bit guilty about being so money minded. Was I setting the bar too high?

So I am quite happy to report that in the meanwhile, I have landed a couple of paid illustration commissions. I’ve done several sets of illustrations for the New Zealand Open Polytechnic course materials – an opportunity that opened up because I am studying for a horticulture certificate through the Open Polytechnic at the moment (I think it is a nice combination with my art certificate, as I can now grow my own food! 😀 ) — and my tutor hired me for this job when I told her about my studies with London Art College. So that worked out quite nicely, and yay for distance studies!

Last year, a friend and fellow artist invited me to participate in a group exhibition he was organizing in one of the up and coming art galleries on Cuba Street (Wellington’s artsy part of town). Since then, I have  had two more exhibitions at the same gallery, and even managed to sell some of my digital prints! I have also listed them on Ebay and a couple of other online stores, and am making the occasional sale there as well. My next project is to get my website www.starsongstudio.com up to speed and have a proper online store – and make more pieces that I can sell as posters or greeting cards.

But first, I want to finish the project I am currently working on, an illustrated children’s book based on a traditional tale from Estonia – where some of my family roots are. It is a project which has been in the drawer for the last five years or so, ever since I wrote up the story for a weekend course on “how to write and illustrate children’s books”, taught by a local writer and artist.


When I signed up for studying at London Art College, I was a bit torn between doing the Science Fiction and Fantasy Art Course, or the Illustrating Children’s Books course – which I am sure would have covered the subject in considerably more depth than the weekend class I attended! If I had chosen to do this course, I might have spent less time struggling with the flow of the story, and coming up with a storyboard – or with determining which age group my book would be suitable for!


On the other hand, I found some of the techniques I had learned in the Science Fiction and Fantasy Art course very useful for this project – particularly the research aspect of it, finding good reference images and putting them together into interesting compositions, and also the progression from messy pencil sketch to tidy ink drawing to fully coloured version. I fell these techniques lend themselves really well to working digitally, as I do.

A little while ago, one of my artist friends in Europe posted a link to the Key Colours Illustrator’s Award an international award for the best children’s book concept, organized by Clavis, a publisher of children’s books in Belgium. Since it is always easier to work with a deadline, I decided to work toward submitting my book concept for this contest.


The contest rules were also helpful in another respect: one of the requirements was to submit a full scale, pencil drawn dummy, detailing all the text blocks and illustrations that would go in the book. I had really been struggling with the idea of drawing up thumbnails for a storyboard, and I ended up finding this solution much better: it also forced me to sit down and plan the whole book, rather than just working on one illustration at a time!

To my utter surprise, the concept ended up being one of the 37 submissions which were selected to be part of an exhibition at the City Museum in Hasselt, Belgium!  The exhibition is still running until 5 November – now I am looking for someone who lives a bit closer than I do, to go see the exhibition and send me a photo! 🙂

When I started work on this project, I was assuming that I would probably end up self-publishing the book. But now I am a bit hopeful that I might actually be able to find a publisher. I’ll keep you posted on how it goes. You can also follow the project on my Facebook page >>

Was it worth my while to take the course at London Art College? I think it is a case of “exceeds expectations”.

Astrid Nielsch
Science Fiction and Fantasy Course

Anna’s Exhibition!

Anna Rencz from Windsor Ontario, Canada  is currently studying with Alan Dedman on the Beginners Drawing Course. Anna has recently had an Exhibition ” The World of Butterflies ” in May 2014 at the Common Ground Art Gallery in Windsor. The show presented Anna’s acrylic paintings together with her Book of Poems” The Colors of Love ” published in 2014 and was very well received. We would like to thank Anna for emailing us the spectacular photos, what a wonderful venue to exhibit at. Congratulations!
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Ruth Arnold and her next step…

We always love to hear from students who have completed their course to hear what they are getting up to in the next phase of their studies. Ruth Arnold is doing exceptionally well on her Graphic Design/Illustration degree and has very kindly written about her work below. We are absolutely thrilled and wish Ruth the very best of luck with her studies.


I live in Devon, with my partner Steve, and my very large dog, Finn. I’m the sort of person who has always wanted to learn to draw, but have always lacked confidence. Whatever level you are, there are always people who make you think “Thats amazing. I will never, ever, be able to do that”.

The Graphic Design Art course has been brilliant. As I neared the end of the course, I found myself thinking, I really want to keep going… I’m now a few months into a Graphic Design/Illustration degree – just getting started – but the London Art College course has been really good grounding.

This is my attempt to make the shift from pencil sketching to colour. This is for a simple point of display picture for a greengrocer. I decided to go very pared down, and hopefully evoke a bit of a Farmers Market type feel. I drew the fruit with pastel pencils, onto light coloured paper. Daft as it sounds, as its basically smudgeable pencil, which is less of a leap than paint! Next I photographed them, and used Photoshop to fully whiten the background, and add the lettering. The font is called Clive Barker (available on www.dafont.com) Hopefully the similar size of the apple and pepper, combined with the complementary colours pulls them together.

Ruth Arnold
Former Graphic Design Art student


Derwent Art Prize 2014

Derwent Art Prize 2014

Approximately 80 works will appear in the exhibition to be held at the Mall Galleries, The Mall, London SW1Y 5BD from 15 – 20 September 2014. Following the London exhibition a selection of exhibits will be shown at The Pencil Museum, Keswick, Cumbria CA12 5NG from 1 December 2014 – 9 January 2015.

An online exhibition gallery for the 2014 Derwent Art Prize is now open to browse some of the pencil entries and this year the official organisers, Parker Harris have two sections for votes in the Peoples Choice Awards.

Out of the thousands entering, we’re pleased to report one of our LAC coloured pencil students, Julie Maguire has four entries in the online gallery.  Please take a look at her work and show some support by voting for your favourite by clicking on this link: Derwent Art Prize >>



Alison Croft’s Story….

We have received a wonderful testimonial from a recently completed Pet Portrait Diploma student. Alison is doing really well and you can read about her achievements and experiences below, plus visit her website and facebook page!

We love to hear from students who have completed their course and if you would like to write a piece for our website and blog you are more than welcome to contact us at any time.


I finished the Pet Portrait Diploma a little while ago and thought I would let you know how I am doing.

The course was definitely one of the most satisfying things I have done in my life. My confidence as an artist has grown hugely since the course began. I remember worrying that I didn’t have an artistic ‘style’ and being permanently daunted by other people’s work.

My new year’s resolution was to get set up to start selling commissioned pet portraits. I set up a Facebook page and website. I also had posters and business cards printed which I have been leaving at shops, vets and boarding kennels. I have a busy life with work and kids, but every week I try to do at least one thing that gets my art seen by more people.

I’m attaching a commission I have just finished – her name is Ella and she is done with water-soluble oils on linen. I am having discussions about three further commissions at the moment – it’s early days for my little enterprise but so exciting! Painting animals is definitely my Happy Place 🙂

I can’t thank the London Art College enough – it has been THE best start for me!!

Warm regards
Alison Croft


UKCPS exhibition piece by student…

Julie Ann has emailed to let us know about the UKCPS exhibition – read more below!
If you’re on holiday this month in Cornwall, Devon or Somerset between 16-28 June, why not pay a visit to the Ilminster Art Centre at the Meeting House

In this very first UKCPS Regional Exhibition, you’ll find my exhibit, “Distracted”.

About Me

Following successful completion of a number of London Art College courses, 2014 is proving to be an exciting year so far. My work has appeared in Ann Kullberg’s “CP Hidden Treasures” publication, a still life exhibit in the RBSA Gallery in Birmingham, a wildlife painting in the Artist and Leisure Painter Magazine’s Open Art Exhibition at Patchings Art Centre in Nottingham and now this, my first ever entry in the Ilminster Regional Exhibition. Although I don’t have a website, please feel free to friend invite me on Facebook >>

About Distracted

Having a keen interest in portraiture, I wanted to create something imaginative with abstraction and a “cubist” feel about it. My husband’s reflection in the bathroom cabinet mirror became my reference subject and although I didn’t have time to render the image onto canvas, this simple prototype of Coloursoft on Derwent board is hopefully the concept of a future triptych idea.

Julie Ann Maguire


Ted Weinel’s story!

We have received a wonderful email from Ted Weinel, a previous student who studied with the London Art College many, many years ago when Mr Browne was principle.

You can read about the colleges early years here  >> and you can see a picture of the first principal below! We would like to officially thank Ted for writing the most wonderful letter and enclosing some of his artwork too. I hope our students find it inspiring!


The Principal & staff of the London Art College.I thought you good people might be interested in an old “distance student’s” comment and progress. In my time, of course, it was called “correspondence coursing.” That’s over half a century ago! Mr Browne was then the founder/principal.Having completed a couple of years at the Liverpool Secondary School of Art between the ages of 13 and 15, back in the fifties, I was apprenticed into aviation to become an engineer. Whilst I was still studying at night-school in parallel, I took up a course with the London Art College to continue development of my serious interest in art, alongside.

I was disallowed to continue at the Liverpool school because they did not consider my academic abilities up to the standard needed for the GCE exams of those times. I came away with only a minor, 2nd class diploma in Industrial Art.

However, I recently re-discovered the original letters, lessons and tutors notes from LAC correspondence course that I entered in 1956. Unfortunately, my original art work submitted during my course, has been lost over the intervening years. I can’t remember if I actually completed the course. I have no record of any final diploma.

Meanwhile, I did complete my apprenticeship and spent many years working as an aircraft engineer, mostly overseas in East and West Africa, Central and South America, and latterly in just about all of the Gulf States.

When my last employer made all ex-patriots redundant, I found myself unable to get back into re-employment in aviation, apparently because of my age. I was only 57 at that time. To re-establish my economic situation I took up my pencils and paint brushes again, to work as an independent artist. I had always continued with my art-work as a hobby over the years. I’d also had a brief encounter with technical illustration at the end of my apprenticeship, before going overseas, and another some years later as Head of Technical Publications with a small aircraft manufacturer in the mid 1960’s.

After redundancy I painted in watercolours, oils and acrylics in an attempt to make a living. I was fortunate that, having settled with my family in Spain in the 1990’s, there seemed to be a demand for artistic works for the tourist market. To this end I produced pictures of local scenery and places of interest, selling more than 600 over a period of 3 years, through a local art shop. I also took on many private commissions.

In 2002 I was fortunate enough to be offered a teaching post with a newly established Art Centre, and thereafter specialised in drawing & water colour painting. I am well established in that occupation, having completed some twelve years as an instructor/tutor.

I must say that I look back on my art-training years with much affection, for they kept alive the idea of artistic pursuit and development. I should also say that I turned out to be a very good instructor and have found enormous satisfaction in watching my students’ developing there artistic skills to very high standards. Most gratifying!

I hope you won’t mind an old 76 year-old’s rambling commentary and perhaps you might even find some interest in the attachments containing some examples of my art work of recent times. I think Mr Browne would have been pleased! Indeed, I think my old art school teachers in Liverpool would have been be quite surprised.

A recent book that I have published is “WOULD A MAN RETURN” which may be obtained from Amazon, either in paper-back or Kindle versions. ISBN 978-19081135094 or 978-1908135247 respectively.   The work is an autobiographic, modern history written in the third person and is an impression of my early life’s trials and tribulations.

With best regards to the staff of what seems to be a very changed and successful enterprise.

Ted Weinel

The first image aeroplanes are scanned from a brochure I published in support of a small exhibition that I mounted a couple of years ago. The rest are pictures / illustration completed in the last few years.
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