Cathy’s Story…..

We asked if Cathy would write about her Polar Bear painting for our college news blog and we were thrilled to receive Cathys text below. I hope that you find it inspiring and also enjoy the Polar Bear painting too, see if you can see the fish! ———————————————————————————- By Cathy Heritage (Pet Portraits Diploma D5) I was delighted Continue Reading

Drawing and Painting Diploma student….

Drawing and Painting Diploma Student Evelyn, chats about two pieces of her work below. We hope that you enjoy reading and viewing Evelyn’s artwork! The Tile One of my course assignments was to make a small painting in acrylic, gouache or oil in which I’d experiment with style. The syllabus had traveled through various art Continue Reading

Announcing the London Art College 2011 Competition Winners….

Congratulations to the winner and runner up of the 2011 London Art College Competition. We will be adding more information about the winners over the coming weeks so please check back to our news blog to read about how the students created the artwork and the stories behind the images. To view all of the entries and Continue Reading

How I got some free publicity by Louise Charles Saarikoski

How I got some free publicity Written / Artwork by Louise Charles Saarikoski Melanie asked if I would write about how I managed to get a paragraph and links to my website and paintings in Helsinki Zoo’s monthly e-newsletter. Here is the story: I completed the Pet Portraiture Diploma with the LAC this autumn. Continue Reading

Blog post from one of our children’s illustration students…

Blog post by Julie Mulholland who is currently studying Illustrating Children’s Books Diploma Course with Maggy Roberts I was thrilled with the comments Maggy made about my work and also for asking for it to be used on the website. I was doubly thrilled when Melanie asked me to write this blog. So please read my Continue Reading – Reference photos 360°!

Experience the next best thing to drawing from life, online!! With a website that provides a 360°visual reference for figurative drawing. Giving artists an alternative solution to uninstructed life drawing sessions. Why not give them a visit here and experiance their free demo.  London Art College student’s receive a 15% discount when subscribing. Please visit Continue Reading

‘Time After Time’ – A Book Cover Design For A Science Fiction Novel

‘Time After Time’ – A Book Cover Design For A Science Fiction Novel  Written by Deepthi – Graphic Design Student. This assignment was what is known as an ‘open brief’. Apart from the book’s title and the author’s name, the only information we were given was a very limited outline of the story. It was Continue Reading

Student Artwork…

We have received a lovely write up from one of our students who has painted in oils for the first time, while working on the Drawing and Painting Diploma (D1). We hope that you find it inspiring and we would like to thank Evelyn for taking the time to write this for us! ————————————————————————————– This was the Continue Reading

Cow and Bird….

We have received a wonderful piece of artwork from a Children’s illustration student that was blogworthy. Laura has written us a piece to go along with the artwork for our students to read. I hope that you find it inspiring! ================================================== For this piece I decided to use simple, loose linear work with a cartoony theme and humorous edge. Being a country girl I chose Continue Reading

Acrylic study of dog halter and fur…

This study of the chest and halter on a dog is from one of my top performing students currently working on the Pet Portrait Diploma Course. This students skills are superb and the painting below in Acrylics really shows the students skills off well. Time and care has been taken over this study, it is not hurried, the reference photo she Continue Reading

Portraiture Student – Hand Drawings

These are two wonderful and very advanced drawings from a student who is currently studying with our tutor Nick Beall on the portraiture course. This student really enjoyed working with the hand drawing exercises and did many sketches from life and also took photos of hands in different poses and worked form photos too. I think the studies are a great success and definitely one Continue Reading