Graphic Design Students Artwork

On my travels sorting out admin in the student area I stumbled across a student who is currently studying the Graphic Design Diploma, who has submitted their work for submission. All of the images drew me in and following the progression and the creative thought behind it was just wonderful. I really had to post them here from the Continue Reading

Another illustration students work….

We are receiving some fabulous work through at the moment, everyone must be in a very creative mood! This is a piece of artwork from a student currently taking the Illustrating children’s books and Maggy has just emailed it to me for the blog. Don’t you just love the blue wet in wet washes? The colours this student has created in Continue Reading

Illustrating Children’s Books – Students story….

I asked one of our students who has just completed the Illustrating Children’s Books Diploma (D6) and received a distinction for his work, if he would write a little about his work and experiences through the course. It has been an extremely interesting read and I hope al budding illustrators out there, find it as interesting as i have. Thank you Rob for doing this for us and Continue Reading

Coloured pencil dog portrait…

This is a wonderful coloured pencil portrait from one of my own students. The time taken over this drawing can definitely be seen here and it has really paid off. Coloured pencil is a time consuming medium, it cant be hurried. My usual advice for students is to have one on the go at all times and work with other things in between. It keeps things Continue Reading

Drawing and Painting Diploma Student

This piece of artwork caught my eye today, a Drawing and Painting Diploma student created this lovely watercolour rural scene. The student has used some wonderfully soft, wet in wet washes for the sky, allowing the colours to blend. They haven’t been tempted to play with the colour on the paper which is great, a good tip Continue Reading

Wonderful piece from a Drawing & Painting Diploma student

I asked Evelyn if she would mind us putting her portrait on our college news blog and she was delighted. Evelyn has written about her self portrait below. Evelyn’s painting is absolutely superb, I hope that our students reading this are inspired! —————————————————————- I have just completed the Drawing and Painting Diploma Course. The final Continue Reading

Singer of Starlight Artwork…

I asked Olga, one of our students who has just completed the Children’s Illustration course if she would write something about her ‘Singer of Starlight’ artwork for our college news blog and she agreed! I hope you enjoy reading Olga’s experiences and enjoy viewing her artwork too. We wish Olga the best of luck with her future artwork. ——————————— Continue Reading

Coloured Pencil Course work….

Our Coloured Pencil Certificate course tutor Julie Douglas emailed me two wonderful images for the website completed by one of her students. Julie has also written about them below so we hope you enjoy reading and viewing her students work. ========================================================== These wonderful drawings are from Jennifer’s third set of exercises on the CP course. Students take longer and longer Continue Reading