Merry Christmas Everyone!

Hello everyone! My name is Ethne Dian and I am a London Art College Student studying the Illustrating Diploma Course.

For me, this time of year is about celebrating the Winter Solstice — the triumph of light over dark. (Can you tell that I read a lot of fantasy?)

Creating colourful characters having fun is my way of combating the very grey and wet Vancouver winter. The mice are actually characters stolen from a book I have written and hope to illustrate some day!

I used pencil, ink, watercolours, and Photoshop in making this piece. (My daughter, who is a graphic designer, very kindly pointed out my many Photoshop mistakes!)

More of my art can be seen on my website: and on instagram @ethnedian

Happy holidays to all!

“The Night Before Christmas”

Christmas Countdown Day 24

Audrey Quinton created this illustration for us to use on our Christmas countdown and we absolutely love it! We have added a close up version too. The background watercolour with salt texture is wonderful! 

We hope that all of our students have hung up their stockings ready for Santa to visit. Let’s hope that they are filled with lots of lovely art materials to play with!! 

Happy Christmas Eve Everyone!

close up!