Christine Pitt

Christine Pitt completed our Pet Portraits Course a few years ago and we wanted to show some of her exquisite pieces on our blog to help inspire our students. As you can see our Pet Portraits course isn’t just for painting domestic animals. You can paint all kind of animals! The techniques and tips are the same for instance for feathers and birds if you were drawing a pet chicken, budgerigar or parrot – to a Wren which Christine has painted beautifully. Equally the techniques learnt for drawing domestic cats are the same or similar when painting a black Panther like Christine’s amazing piece below.

The course is suitable for the beginner as at the start of the course there is a little mini drawing course to help get you started. Important to do both if you are a beginner or an intermediate. Drawing skills are so important when drawing animals realistically and so this part of the course is a fantastic resource. If you scroll to the bottom of the post you will see two pencil drawings that Christine completed to help brush up her drawing skills at the start. One drawing is of an earthenware pot and another of her local church. Both simply beautiful.

We hope that you have enjoyed viewing Christine’s artwork and found it helpful and inspiring. If you are interested in drawing animals, and would like guidance from an experience and professional pet portrait and wildlife artists tutor, why not take a look at our Pet Portraits Course and enrol today!


Pernilla Nehler

London Art College student Pernilla Nehler completed our Portrait Painting and Drawing course with flying colours. We are thrilled to be able to add some of her work here on our blog to both wow and inspire our students.

One of our favourite pieces from Pernilla is the pencil study of a person holding and moving a Rubix cube. If students can notice the very subtle shading and foreshortening on the thumb – this is an absolutely beautiful area of very skilled drawing and shading. Also our eyes are drawn to the section of Rubix cube that is being turned. This has been very cleverly shaded and drawn to perfection allowing that section of the cube to be receding away very successfully into the persons hand. The perspective on this is wonderful.

We hope you enjoy viewing Pernilla’s artwork and if you would like to have a go at painting or drawing portraits, why not head on over to our website to see if this course might be suitable for you. Enrol at any time and complete it around your work and every day life! Work at your own pace with guided support – what could be better?! Portrait Painting and Drawing


Elena Peres

Student Elena Peres has been experimenting with drawing garlic using pastels for one of her assignments on our Pastel Course. The first study is in full colour, the other is a tonal study in greyscale using only black and white pastels.

Our course is suitable for the beginner as well as the intermediate. If you are a beginner however, the array of pastels that are available to you might be quite daunting. We have found an excellent video on YouTube which allows the viewer to understand the qualities of soft pastel and the different brands available with artist Michael Howley. He also demonstrates each pastel so you can see how it works on paper and the kind of results you can expect from that brand / type of pastel.

We hope you enjoy the video and also hope you enjoy seeing Elena’s artwork too. If you would like to enrol on our course and be guided at every step by one of our London Art College tutors from the comfort of your own home, visit our website to find out if our Pastels course might be perfect for you. Pastel Painting Online Art Course.

Mahua Pal

Three beautiful oil paintings today by student Mahua Pal who is studying on our Oil painting Course. The oils course is fairly open in that you can paint any subject within the guidelines of each assignment. So if you want to specialise for instance in street scenes or flowers, the choice is yours. We love the bright colours and bold strokes of paint that Mahua has used here, creating three very inviting scenes.

Don’t forget with modern day paints you have the option to purchase paints with little or no odour and easy clean up. So theres no excuse to learn to paint in oils. If you would like to check out what our online art course entails, visit our website to find out more – Oil Painting Course.


Shelby Bledsoe

Shelby Bledsoe has drawn some wonderful studies in preparation for her colour work on our Life Drawing and Painting Course. We love the way that Shelby has shaded the background around her subjects and studies, allowing us to place the subject or help to add shadows on the ground around the studies.

There are many different ways of drawing subjects if you don’t have anyone to sit for you. Other than drawing a portrait of yourself in a mirror, one idea is to use YouTube for video poses. The Royal Academy have videoed a life drawing class with a life model holding poses for around 5 minutes and moving onto the next. This gives students to opportunity to draw short timed studies plus hit the pause button and draw more detailed poses for a longer amount of time. Make sure the video is set to 1080p in the settings on YouTube (cog on the bottom right of video) this will give you high definition film. Working from a tablet propped up in front of you, or a computer screen and a sketchbook, will help you improve your observational skills, pencil techniques and understanding of the human body. Good luck, have fun and let us know how you get on!

Jackie Davies

When you think about painting a landscape you tend to think about rolling hills and trees and looking as far as they eye can see. Representing the landscape with all of it’s beauty is important. However how many of you have realised that only half of it? The sky makes up a huge section of a landscape and it is very important to know how to paint it.

The ever changing light, the weather conditions, the shape of clouds in their many forms to knowing how to paint sky receding away from you adding depth and perspective to your scene is important. These are just a few things to overcome. Thats why on our Landscape painting course we study sky, clouds and their colours in all weather conditions. From painting from photos or if you want to brave the elements and paint ‘En plein air’ we will be there to guide you at every step.

Student Jackie Davies has done just that while working on our Landscape Painting Course as you can see below. Her sky studies are absolutely superb and we are very excited to see full paintings from Jackie in the coming weeks.

Senur Bicer

Have we got any Chinese Brush Painters among us? Perhaps you have always wanted to have a go and would like some guidance in doing so? London Art College student Senur Bicer has been doing just that working on our Brush Painting course experimenting with her inks and paints.  She has created some beautifully stunning piece which you can see below.

Senur has painted on exquisitely delicate papers including marbled paper which really lends itself to painting leaves with inks and fine brushes. Her butterfly painting which you can see below with the red border is simply stunning. We hope you find Senur’s paintings as inspiring as we do.

If you would like to have a go yourself, why not pop over to our website and take a look at our Chinese Brush Painting Course. We know that you will enjoy every minute of it!

Talitha Young

Some of our readers might not be aware that we offer two lovely courses for the young artists amongst us from ages 7 to 14.  Talitha Young has completed our Drawing for Children’s courses 1 and 2 recently and here are just a few of the images she created whilst on the course. We love the ingenious characters Talitha has come up with on the course. Aren’t they fantastic! Beware anyone who dares to sit in Talitha’s green chair as it looks as though it comes to life with eyes, hands and a scary mouth!!

If you have a creative youngster in your home who loves drawing, why not enroll them on one of our courses to keep them occupied with in their spare time. Our course works easily around school work and home life and if you are home schooling your child – its the perfect accompaniment to your art lessons. Drawing for Children ….