Deimante Bruzguliene

Deimante Bruzguliene completed both of these stunning drawings whilst studying on the Portrait Painting and Drawing Course. Deimante’s drawings show confidence in her lines and shading. The hand was drawn from life.

It is really helpful for students to be able to draw from life. They can draw anything around them, so it can be from still life objects to hands and feet! Drawing from life can help improve observational skills and drawing techniques in no time at all. We recommend it to all of our students. Congratulations Deimante on two beautiful drawings.

Pauline Manderville

Pauline Manderville has created a wonderful illustration for her Fiery Fred assignment on the Illustrating Children’s Books Diploma Course. We love the way Pauline has given the dragon a very 3 dimensional effect by painting him separately with a marbled effect and outlined in black ink. This really makes the dragon stand off of the illustration. We hope you like it as much as we do!


Elisabeth Planella

Elisabeth Planella has been experimenting very successfully whilst on our Oil Painting Course using impasto techniques. Elisabeth submitted both of these two pieces for one of her assignments on the course. We love them both, particularly the flower study. It really looks as though we are laying on the ground looking up at the sky, through the flowers on a beautiful sunny day. Congratulations Elisabeth on two stunning paintings!

Laivi Poder

Laivi Poder has just completed her Diploma for the Illustrating children’s books with tutor Maggy Roberts. Maggy was thrilled with Laivi’s artwork and asked if her final illustration could be showcased here on our blog.

Laivi said at the start when she enrolled….

I hope to develop my illustration style and feel confident using watercolor and drawing different scenes for books. Also to learn more about how to start and finish creating a children’s book (doing illustrations, publishing etc.) I really feel I need some guidance on how to do proper illustrations for books. I have painted with acrylic paint for 2 years, drawing and illustrating daily for 6 months.
Laivi Poder

We feel Laivi hashas learnt a lot during her course. She has created a beautiful final illustration and we hope you enjoy viewing it, along with the details too. We wish Laivi the best of luck for her future illustrations and illustrating career!


Rachel Malpass

Todays blog post by tutor Vanessa Weaver….

I’ve got some super work from the Graphics course by Rachel Malpass to show today. One piece is a book jacket design, there other the front face for a box of teabags. For hand painted work, I think the standard of presentation is very good, especially the lettering. Painting type is one of the most challenging tasks for artists. In the commercial world, it is a skill that is not required anymore.

However, for London Art College students, practising drawing and painting type (or even using fine tipped felt pens) can be very advantageous. It connects us to the unique attributes of a font design, encouraging us to notice and attempt to render all of the subtle details. Also, by drawing type by hand, one is made much more aware of character, word and line spacing. Please enjoy viewing these two wonderful pieces of work, courtesy of Rachel.

Vanessa Weaver
Graphics Design Art Course

The London Art College Competition 2018

This years London Art College 2018 competition is now open!!

  • Please check the size of your images prior to sending. Make sure they are at least 1000 pixels wide.
  • If you can name your files your full name and student number this would be very helpful.
  • The competition is open to all courses excluding Photography.
  • Students can enter any drawing or painting they have created, it does not have be artwork produced for the course.

(Please note the competition is for London Art College students only)

Shubhangi Jain

My name is Shubhangi Jain and I am taking the Drawing and Painting Diploma Course. I have always been interested in drawing and was keen to learn painting. The art course here gave me a perfect opportunity to learn at my own pace. Under the excellent guidance of Mr Alan Dedman, I hope to become an excellent artist. I am throughly enjoying drawing and painting with different mediums. My favourite so far has been pen and ink illustrations and watercolors. The course expands your knowledge but also allows you to have fun and explore your interests.

Shubhangi Jain
Drawing and Painting Diploma Course