The London Art College Competition 2018

This years London Art College 2018 competition is now open!!

  • Please check the size of your images prior to sending. Make sure they are at least 1000 pixels wide.
  • If you can name your files your full name and student number this would be very helpful.
  • The competition is open to all courses excluding Photography.
  • Students can enter any drawing or painting they have created, it does not have be artwork produced for the course.

(Please note the competition is for London Art College students only)

Shubhangi Jain

My name is Shubhangi Jain and I am taking the Drawing and Painting Diploma Course. I have always been interested in drawing and was keen to learn painting. The art course here gave me a perfect opportunity to learn at my own pace. Under the excellent guidance of Mr Alan Dedman, I hope to become an excellent artist. I am throughly enjoying drawing and painting with different mediums. My favourite so far has been pen and ink illustrations and watercolors. The course expands your knowledge but also allows you to have fun and explore your interests.

Shubhangi Jain
Drawing and Painting Diploma Course

Sally Broderman

Sally Broderman has been working with tutor Maggy Roberts on the Illustrating Children’s book diploma course. The illustration below is a doiuble page spred that Sally design for one of her assignments. We absolutely love it and Maggy was thrilled.

Maggy said…

…There is a good feeling of space in the image and a relevant feel but this has been coupled with a suitable colour palette actually on the tortoise, the shine on the shell is well handled. The lively birds are lovely and the setting well imagined and I was pleased to see that there are lots of bugs and other extras to keep the child interested..

We have added a full image and a detailed version of Sallys illustration below. We hope you like it as much as we do!


Yeliz Hakki

My name is Yeliz Hakki and I started studying ‘Illustrating Children’s books‘ with London Art College in 2014, as I loved drawing and loved Children’s books, especially Dr Suess! I wasn’t sure if it would ever transpire into anything, but I thought it would be fun to learn. Maggy Roberts was my tutor and she taught me a great deal- especially about bleeds – which trust me are very important when illustrating for books!

In the years that followed I was drawing more and more, my drawing’s were getting better and I finally discovered my style. I draw using pencil and Ink.

One day my cat Flynn was sitting on my window ledge staring intently out of the window. I then had an idea to draw him staring at a fantasy world; with Ships, dragons and a castle and not the actual reality he was actually seeing. The picture came out great. I then had an idea for a story and called it ‘Flynn’s Window’ and carried on illustrating the next pages.

I was developing my story and at the same time I randomly met my publishers ‘Old King Cole’ when they were just setting up, through a Psychic night in a pub. We have been working together for the past 4 years and made Flynn’s Window into an amazing book. It finally got printed on 18th July 2018, and will now be available on Amazon and in book shops in August.

I could not be more proud with how it has come out, and fingers crossed for more exciting things to follow. Please check it out!

Flynns Window on Amazon

Yeliz Hakki (Liz)


Mary Hardman

My name is Mary Hardman and I am studying the Chinese Brush Painting with the London Art College. I took this course as I love Chinese paintings, simple as that, and I wondered if I would be able to apply myself and learn the skill. What can I say, the course delivered and more, I have found something that I absolutely love, when I am painting, (and this can last for hours) I am calm, peaceful and lost in creating the flowing and joyous images.

I have benefitted from and been inspired by Monika who has provided critiques that have helped me to develop along the way, she allows and nurtures self-development which has helped with my confidence in composition and content.

My last four assignments are symbolic of where I am in my life, a new phase, time for me to enjoy a retirement where I can take all the time I like to enjoy nature, and beauty in ordinary things, no more rushing around. I used colour for my springtime composition with the bird and weeping willow, birds I found very complicated at first, but I am getting there with Monika’s help. The teapot and chrysanthemum represent the present time in my life and is of course one of the Four Gentlemen.

I just love painting fish, I paint something with fish in every day! Colour, black and white, grey scale, I have now incorporated them into my fused glass work and feel much better about the forms I can construct in glass after becoming comfortable with painting them.

Lotus flowers are beautiful, and my interpretation is just what it is, not biologically correct and I still need to continue to develop my skills all round but feeling really positive. I practice my brush strokes on old newspaper ( a suggestion from an elderly Chinese couple who until they retired owned a small Chinese shop in the town where I live) and still do that each morning. I use straw and rice paper as I love how it interacts with the colours and the water in each stroke.

Thank you London Art College and in particular Monika.

Mary Hardman
Chinese Brush Painting Course

Stephen Goldsack

A wonderful Fiery Fred illustration today by student Stephen Goldsack who is studying our Children’s Illustration Course with Maggy Roberts. Stephen sent in a  lovely written message for Maggy which we have enclosed also. Stephen is doing a fantastic job with his course and Maggy specifically asked if we could show Stephens work here on our blog. We hope you like it as much as we do! Congratulations Stephen, keep up the great work!