Shona Macdonald

The following paintings have been traditionally hand painted by Botanical course student Shona Macdonald.  Shona studied our Botanical Painting Diploma Course and since shona completed we have also introduced a Botanical Coloured pencil course too which our readers might find interesting.

Our courses are online, so you can study from home – or if you are travelling and have an interest in studying plants and flowers as you travel, our course is perfect for you.

Shona has created some simply astounding paintings below, which I am sure you will agree – they are all amazing. I hope that you find Shona’s artwork inspiring – pick up those watercolour brushes and start painting flowers today!

Anni Angus

What more can you want from a Monday morning than to be completely inspired by our student Anni Angus! Ani is studying on our Drawing and Painting Diploma Course and this drawing is simply stunning.

Not only is Ani’s technical ability outstanding when using a graphite pencil, but the composition of the little boy and his bear is superb too. We hope that you are now completely inspired and it encourages you to get your set of graphite pencils out…! Need help? Join our Drawing and Painting Online Art Course today…!

Georgie Ellis

Georgie Ellis has been working through our Drawing for Children 1 Course  and has come up with these three wonderful drawings! Aren’t they incredible! Please show your appreciation for Georgie’s drawings below and let us know what you think.

Our young artists are aged between 7 and 14 and Georgie has learnt some wonderful skills whilst being on the course. If you look at the tomato below, you can see she has noted the direction of light by adding shine on the tomato itself, she has included some shadow on the tomato as well as including the shadow on the ground from the tomato.

The only improvement here, could have been inclusion of a slightly red tinge on the shadow on the ground. Often we can see reflected light from the object into the surface it is sitting on, particularly in bright light. Why not have a look for this yourself in objects around your home. If you are interested in joining our young artists course or you know of a child who would love to learn to draw with a professional guide, head on over to our website today –Drawing for Children.


Cathy Heritage

Cathy Heritage has produced two wonderful Pet Portrait studies for the Pet Portraits Diploma Course. Each are very different using different mediums. The first is a full background coloured pencil study of two cats in a garden. A lot of work has gone into this drawing and it is absolutely superb. The second is a pastel study of the most comfortable dog! We love the colours of the red dog bed in comparison to the white of the dog and the neutral background. It all works beautifully. Congratulations Cathy on creating two really lovely pieces of artwork!

Monica Phillips

Monica Phillips studies on our Pastels Certificate Online Art Course and created three wonderful pastel studies for one of her assignments. The first two pastel paintings were of the same still life group, experimenting using different techniques with the pastels. You can see they have come out very differently. We actually like both studies equally – what are your thoughts? we would love to hear!

Monica also created a still life study of jugs and glass pots using a very limited pallet which allows students to concentrate on tonal range without the need for worrying about colour. Creating your paintings and drawings tonally correct is key and Monica has done a superb job here.


Packaging Design

If you are interested in packaging design and learning how to create and design actual packaging boxes, the following collection of students work will be of interest to you. Our Graphic Design Course enables students to design a range of food, drink or sundries packaging. From the shape and design of the box itself, down to the design of the labels and colours, the student has full control over their ideas.

As you can see below, students can use any medium to do this. Some students make their boxes, others use original packaging and add their own labels on top and some create 3D designs using a graphics package on the computer. You can see Ian Emerson’s computer designs at the bottom of our post.

I think you will agree that all of the students have excelled at this task, particularly Joy Dene who has made her Redbush Tea packet below along with designing and drawing the illustration for the front. Congratulations to all of these students for a very successful completion of this assignment!


Joy Deane – Redbush


Amanpree Maha – Twinings


Ian Emerson – Zodiac


Panya Sos – Fizzies