Michael Ilsley

A very special blog post today showing the artwork of student Michael Ilsley.  Michael is studying our Coloured Pencil Drawing Course and has created two absolutely stunning drawings. The first is a view from his window and the second is an old oak tree. What we love about them is that Michael is striving to achieve realism in his work and he has allowed us to see the photos that he worked from for the drawings. We have to say his attention to detail, particularly in the view from a window is exceptional. Absolutely stunning. There are so many different angles of roofs, windows and tiles that Michael could have easily got confused with when drawing all of them, however they are exact. Excellent observational drawing!

Sophie Delesque

Sophie Delesque has been working on our Botanical Coloured Pencil course and for one of her sets of work she was asked to create three drawings of the same specimen – Anthurium. One study is pure coloured pencil, one is coloured pencil with an ink outline and the final study is coloured pencil, with ink outline and shading. Each study has been rendered excellently and they all have their own special qualities. We love them all…but which is your favourite?



Edith Steinberg

We have some fabulous drawings to show you today, by student Edith Steinberg who is studying on our Beginners Drawing Course. Students are asked to predominantly work from life, setting up a variety of still life scenes to draw from. This helps students improve their observational skills, as well as being able to transfer a 3 dimensional object onto paper. Edith has not only drawn these still life scenes extremely well, her depth of tone is superb. She has noted the light and shade well, along with their shadows on the ground too. We are thrilled to be able to show them all here on our blog to inspire our students.

Donata Zawadzka

This post is aimed at our illustrators and I believe they will be hugely inspired by Donata Zawadzka artwork. We simply love her style of painting, the attention to detail, all aimed at captivating a young child’s attention in a story book. Aren’t they all just wonderful! Pop over to our Illustrating Children’s Books Diploma Course if you would like to learn how to illustrate similar to Donata below.

Alison Robson

Do you struggle with your colour mixing? having difficulty choosing colours for your artwork? Perhaps you want to learn more about colours and different colour pallets and the history of colours. If these apply to you, our Colour Awareness short course might be perfect for you. Student Alison Robson has been working through the course and the artwork below was created for one of the set exercises in the course. It uses mixed media – paint, pencils, collage, digital – any mediums of your choice. Hope over to our website and read the course details to see if it would help you in your quest for creating colour!

Jade Parkin

One of our more unusual courses is our Chinese Brush Painting Course.  Student Jade Parkin has been working happily through the course and created some incredible studies which we have added below. Chinese course artwork is mainly painted using different strengths of ink and a variety of different brushes. You don’t need to purchase too many art materials for this course, so you can start creating straight away. As you can see just a few strokes of a Chinese brush, Jade has bought these bamboo leaves and practice studies to life. We hope you are impressed!