Karen Murphy

Student Karen Murphy studied on our Oil Painting Course and these are two wonderful paintings from her course assignments. Karen has a beautiful and textured style of painting which helps create movement in her work. The background to her still life is not only stunningly rich in colour, is serves as a soft textured background for the scene. It doesn’t interfere with the objects, yet is the perfect accompaniment to them. You can almost reach out and touch the orange due to it beautifully painted texture. All of the colours work very well indeed – orange and blue being complimentary colours, so any objects here using these ranges are bound to gel well together. Congratulations Karen on two stunning paintings.


Christine Duckett

A superb painting today by Children’s Illustration student Christine Duckett. Christine has created lots of moment within the scene here with the Fiery Fred character. The bright rich orange colours of the land stand out so well from the deep midnight blues of the sky and the vivid greens of Fred the dragon. The vignette shape that Christine has create is also fabulous, with the curls of smoke creating the edge of the illustration. This one will certainly be inspirational for our illustration students!



Jackie Davies

Landscape Diploma student Jackie Davies has painted two studies in acrylic for one of her assignments. The scene is the same, however Jackie set herself the task to capture it at two different times of the day. This enabled Jackie to show different colour schemes along with different lighting and shadows. Both paintings colour pallets are beautiful. Jackie’s paint strokes and style of painting really brings the trees and sky alive. Congratulations Jackie on two super paintings.

Amelia Whiffin

Amelia Whiffin completed our Coloured Pencil Course and we have a number of Amelia’s drawings to post on our blog in the coming weeks. Her work in simply stunning, and this drawing of a cat under a blanket is no exception. The colours and depth of tones are superb. The detail in the cushion behind is beautiful – just enough detail – but not too much to take our eye away from the main focus of the scene. We hope you are as impressed as we are.

Diana Leighton

Student Diana Leighton created this collage wet in wet piece for one of the study units on the Illustrating Children’s Diploma Course. We love the ducks with coloured jumpers and especially the little frog at the front. We can see that this would definitely capture the imagination of little children in a book, especially as its so colourful and bright. We hope that it has made you smile today – what ever your age!

Batul Kaderbhai

Do we have any beginners amongst our readers? Anyone here who perhaps would like to take the plunge into a course but are a little worried about getting started? If so we have the perfect course for you! It is our Beginners Drawing Course and student Batul Kaderbhai has started our short course. It gives students a good grounding in drawing and observation. A good start if you want to then specialise in a genre or specific subject. We have added some of Batul’s artwork below and really love the bold lines and shading she is achieving. Why not pick up a pencil and some paper and have a go yourself!


Anita Bakos

Jem Bowden has sent us these two wonderful watercolours by student Anita Bakos who is studying on the Watercolour Diploma Course.

Jem Said….

Great fluid watercolour work from Anita Bakos on the Watercolour Diploma course. Combining careful observation of form with subtleties of tone. Excellent use of soft edges in places too. Note also, limited use of colour – something less important than many people think!

Wonderful Work Anita – we look forward to seeing more of your beautiful paintings soon!