Kathleen Gordon – Botanical Painting

Kathleen Gordon has just finished her Botanical Painting Diploma Course, with a Distinction. Tutor Shevaun Doherty said…

“I really love her page of Zinnia flowers. She painted Zinnias for one of her previous assignments, but decided to revisit them for her diploma work, choosing to try out a completely different composition. This is bright, fresh and very contemporary. It’s always a good idea to revisit a subject- as you get to know and understand your subject, you become more confident, and can start to be more creative in your approach.

I also like her painting of clementines. Kathleen has really put a lot of thought and effort into the composition and the lighting of her subject, and her tones are superb as a result. I normally convert the images into black and white, so that I can see the tonal values easily. It’s something that I encourage my students to do too as very often it’s the tones of a painting that can be slightly off, not the colour. Her colour choices are also great- she has chosen some great transparent glazes to build up the rich colours on the orange skin. Inspiring work!”

Shevaun Doherty
Botanical Painting Diploma Course

Rachel Duffield – Children’s Illustration

My name is Rachel Duffield and I am studying the Children’s Illustration Books Online Art Course with tutor Maggy Roberts. The brief for this picture asked for an illustration that showed a friendship between a cow and a bird. The picture was also required to show how the friends had enjoyed travels and adventures together.

I was inspired by the beautiful coastline of my home county, Norfolk, and sunny picnics on the beach that I enjoyed as a child (a windbreak was a necessity in 1979s North Norfolk)! I used watercolours with lots of yellow to create a bright, sunshiney feel with a touch of nostalgia. The next submission is all about darkness so I’m looking forward to a complete contrast in style next time.

Rachel Duffield
Children’s Illustration

Mokhtar Ibrahim – Mosque in the Old Cairo, Egypt

My name is Mokhtar Ibrahim and I am studying with Alan Dedman on both the Oil Painting Course and the Drawing and Painting Diploma. This work is referenced to an old painting dated back to the early years of the 19th century. The scene is for an entrance of a Mosque in the Old Cairo, Egypt. I did carry it out using oil on canvas. The size of the paint is 60 x 90 cm.

In this work, I was influenced by the technique of painting put forward by the Artist Mark Carder (www.drawmixpaint.com) I have started by drawing the subject using a color pencil on a brownish stained canvas. For staining the canvas I have used burnt umber and white (1:3 ratio approximately) thinned using normal turpentine. In preparing colors, I did consider the three primary colors only (yellow, blue, and red) in addition to white and burnt umber.

I have completed the whole work in around 16 hours net. In painting, I was keen not to blend different shades as much as possible, in order to avoid muddying colors to reflect a bright painting. To me “Mark Carder” technique is very promising, and it did help me a lot especially in the process of preparing colors, cleaning brushes, and setting up the studio. All were helpful and made the painting process a pleasant endeavour.

Mokhtar Ibrahim

Cartooning with Chris and Chris!

We have two students on the blog today who have completed similar pieces of artwork for an assignment on our Cartooning Art Course. Both students are called Chris!

The first piece of artwork below is by student Chris McDonald and he has created 10 different expressions using his own style and creativity. The second set of cartoon drawings are by student Chris Jaffe, again using his own style to represent the different expressions. Learning how to create clear and defined expressions is very important for cartoonists. It is important to convey feelings in only a few lines.

If you enjoy drawing cartoons and want to have a go at this assignment, why not pop over to our online Cartooning Art Course page to find out more!

Barbra Knapik – Still Life Course

Our Still Life Art Course is tutored by professional artist and painter Alan Dedman. Student Barbra Knapik has created three monochrome paintings for one of her Still Life assignments. Each painting has been accurately drawn along with being painted very precisely. Barbra has noted the light and shadows of each object and has also noted their shadows onto the objects next to them. Each object looks solid and three dimensional. Three very successful paintings.

Alan is a very helpful tutor and throughout the course he guides his students, assisting them with their composition skills, colour mixing and also helping each student with their drawing development. Observational skills are also important when drawing still life and the more students draw from life, the more their observational skills will improve. If you are interested in drawing and painting simialr to Barbra, have a look at our Still life Online Art Course webpage >>

Beatrice Anderson – Pet Portraits Course

Our Pet Portraits Online Art Course is one of our most popular courses.  Students gain experience not only painting pets, but wildlife too. The course covers all of the main mediums, along with an introduction on drawing to help brush up your skills, giving you a good grounding particularly if you are a complete beginner.

Beatrice Anderson has been working in pastel and has created a double dog portrait for one of her assignments. The dogs have been well drawn and rendered and the colours Beatrice has used in the background work really well, allowing both dogs to stand out well. We are sure that Beatrice is pleased with her results and hope fellow students reading our blog post are impressed too!

Amy Topper – Fiery Fred

Amy Topper has created a stunning watercolour illustration for the Fiery Fred assignment on the Illustrating Children’s Book Diploma Course. There is so much colour and detail in this illustration, lots for children to study.

Amy has a joint Facebook page with her sister who is also an artist. Their page is full of wonderful and inspiration artwork. Its a must see and why not ‘like’ their page when you are there! They are called Thou ART Sisters