Alison Owen – Photography Course

Alison Owen has taken two beautiful photographs which we have added below. Alison is currently working on the Photography Diploma Course with Rona Cox. These photographs each deal with very different subjects and techniques. If you are struggling with your photography, why not drop us a line at the college and we can sign you up on our Photography Course. You too can receive personalised help with your photos and your camera techniques from Rona.

Artemis Rigas – Learning to Draw

We have a lovely collection of drawings for today blog post by student Artemis Rigas who is working on the Learn to draw course. Artemis has been experimenting with light and shade, tonal variations, creating texture with his range of graphite pencils using objects from around the home. Artemis has also been working with pencil and ink and has created a lovely drawing of Kettle chips and some tins and bottles in his kitchen.

We love these studies and would really encourage our students to create drawings like this on a daily basis in their sketch books. It really helps develop drawing skills and observational skills. If you would like some guidance with your drawing, why not take our short Learn to Draw Course to give your skills a boost!

Elisabeth Planella – Oil painting

Elisabeth Planella, studying our oil painting course,  has created a very realistic painting of her art materials. It has been very well rendered using oil paints and the colours Elizabeth has used are superb. The main colours used here are blue and red and being complimentary colours stand off from each other very well. Complementary colours, when used together in a painting, are especially dynamic and pleasing to the eye. Here Elizabeth has counterbalanced the rich blue and red of the lower half of the painting which a warm brown/red for the brush handles. If the handles had of been panted a light pale colour the painting would feel bottom heavy, however it is nicely balanced.

The shadows from the objects on the ground plane work exceptionally well and the dark side of the Savon De Marseille soap cube makes it look very three dimensional.

If we could encourage all of our students to try to draw, colour or paint a scene of their art materials we know that it would not only improve their drawing skills but would also help them in composition and colour theory too. Why not give it a go and email us your version so we can post them here!


Nicola Drake – Still Life

Today’s blog post is really interesting as it not only shows Nicola Drakes final painting but we can also show her preliminary study. Nicola is studying our Still Life Course and the object here was to experiment with neutral tones. Nicola has used some lovely neutral greys, purples and silver colours. Even the greens can be classed as neutral. All of these colours are set off by two red colours of the strawberry and cherries. We love the shine on the central object which reflects the colours and objects around it. Nicola created the charcoal preliminary drawing before starting to work our her composition which helped her work out her tonal values along with the light and shade of the piece. Congratulations Nicola on a fabulous still life!


Belinda Cullen – Watercolour!

Student Belinda Cullen has create the most wonderful watercolour painting which you can see below. We love the way that Belinda has created very soft wet in wet washes using a limited pallet.  Belinda has also utilised the light of the paper in the central area of the painting to bring out the shadows and patterning on the deer . She has then very cleverly painted the background darker behind using lighter negative shapes for the deer in the distance. Overall this is technically an excellent piece and we can see a lit of thought and preparation has gone into the process. We hope you like it too!

If you would like to learn to paint using Watercolour, why not head on over to our website and see what courses you might like to take –

Fiona Levings – Children’s Illustration Course

This fantastic illustration was created by student Fiona Levings. Maggy Roberts sent this over to the office along with Fiona’s comments about her Illustration. This has made us all laugh and we are thrilled to be able to share it with our readers. We are quite sure Fiona must have received top marks!

This particular image was inspired by a small, fluffy, large-eyed, baby-faced whirlwind of a garden-eating, roof-invading, pot-plant-smashing, fruit-stealing, window-breaking, sleep-destroying creature, otherwise known as a brushtail possum.

When one of these adorable fiends decides to make a home in your roof you can spend a lot of time (and sleepless nights) trying to help him out again … into just the right home, somewhere else, in a tree, where he belongs and from which he will hopefully NEVER, EVER ROAM AGAIN. You may detect some personal experience involved in the inspiration for this one.

Fiona Levings
Illustrating Children’s Books Diploma

Shuddhodhan Mane

An excellent watercolour study for todays post by Portrait Course student Shuddhodhan Mane. We love the bold strokes and vivid colours, they make for a very three dimensional portrait. The skin tones have a wonderful warm glow.

We also appreciate the way Shuddhodhan has softened the edge line of the hair and side of the face, which blends nicely into the background. Avoiding harsh edges is often key in creating portraits of people and it has been achieved superbly here. Well done Shuddhodhan!

If you would like to learn how to paint portrait sin watercolour, why not head on over to our website to find out more…Painting Portraits in watercolour..

Shuddhodhan Mane 43590 portraits watercolour

Mike Foley 42781 cp

Below is a superb drawing by Coloured Pencil Course student Mike Foley. He has achieved excellent lighting within this scene. The use of bright / light colours and dark shadows and tones on the foreground branch, really exudes a summery feel. Possibly a little bit of an eerie feel in the drawing too. Could the house be empty….? We will leave this to your imagination. Let us know what you think!

Mike Foley 42781