Pet Portraits Diploma – Diana Leighton

Diana Leighton has just completed her Pet Portraits Diploma course tutored by Gayle Mason. The painting and preliminary study below was completed for the final assignment of the course. We are thrilled that Diana enjoyed the course and completed it successfully. Diana sent Gail an introduction to herself and her experiences which we have added below. In addition we hope you enjoy reading about Diana and viewing her work.

I hope to be able to draw horses, cats and hopefully acquire the knowledge and skill to enable me to draw birds of prey or just birds! Furthermore I’d like to have commissions to draw animals mostly cats. I love cats and have five.

My experience to date has been zero in drawing animals. Not that I have never had the desire to. Due to never drawing any animals before, and was amazed at the fact that I could actually draw cats and dogs. I loved drawing them and bring them to life if I could. Consequently I realised their eyes are the most important part. I love to draw trees and countryside but I am not that good at it. Also I like to draw abstract.

In addition I am looking forward to using other media on this course but I like graphite and coloured pencil. Almost hopeless with pastel but will give it a go! I am really looking forward to this course and to working with Gayle.

Finally we wish Diana the best of luck with her future pet portraits along with continuing to enjoy her art journey.

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Pet Portraits Diploma


Painting and Drawing Diploma Course – David Maidment

This is a fabulous painting by David Maidment who is studying our Painting and Drawing Diploma Course. We love the movement that David has created within the painting along with the fresh cool blue and green colours. Davids tutor Paul Weaver was absolutely thrilled with not only Davids landscape but in addition his whole submission. We have added a snippet of Paul’s feedback below.

….I am very impressed with your oils an acrylics, consequently I think you have a real flair for these mediums. These exercise are designed to push your creative skills and the use of the different mediums a lot harder. As a result looking over your work you have certainly risen to the challenge. I think these paintings are your best work yet, a real pleasure to see.

Your interpretation of the step by step acrylic landscape is brilliant, full of light and atmosphere! The tones and colours used for the distant mountains are perfect, hence the pale blue grey receding beautifully and bringing the foreground hill, lake and boat forward. The sky is magnificent with really strong and direct brush strokes to capture the wind swept clouds. Finally I also love the cloud shadows you have created on the surface of the water. In conclusion a faultless painting David, I think acrylics are your medium…

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Painting and Drawing Diploma Course

Learn to Paint Portraits – Shuddhodhan Mane

Student Shuddhodhan Mane has painted his self portrait as part of one of his Learn to Paint Portraits exercises, which you can see below. We very much enjoy seeing students self portraits and would encourage our students to email them if they have them. The college would love to display them here on our blog. Of course we also like seeing what our students look like too!

Shuddhodhan is currently taking the portrait painting course with the London Art College. He is being tutored online by Alan Dedman who is himself an expert at portraiture. Alan is always happy to impart his knowledge to his students about painting portraits in all mediums.

We have added two other portraits that Shuddhodhan has created for his’s exercises on his course. We think he is doing exceptionally well and are thrilled to be able to show his work here on our blog. The snippets below is from the introduction that Shuddhodhan sent Alan when he started the course. We hope you enjoy reading it below.

Since childhood I am following this art form as a hobby. I hope to achieve a great deal by taking this course, I would like to understand the basic fundamentals portraiture. Although it’s very tempting to paint subjects realistically, as close as possible, I would like to learn how to express the subject more considering their personality. In conclusion gradually I would like to explore portraiture more on using oil paint as the medium.

If you would like to Learn to Paint Portraits similar to Shuddhodhan’s, why not head over to our website. Take a look at the courses we have on offer. We have plenty of course – over 30 to chose form, so you will be spoilt for choice! Whichever you choose we look forward to hearing from you soon.

Learn to Paint Portraits

Learn to Paint Portraits

Learn to Paint Portraits


Oil Painting Student – Mokhtar Ibrahim

Oil Painting Student Mokhtar Ibrahim has been working on his oil paintings with guidance from tutor Alan Dedman. He is taking the oil painting online art course with the London Art College. While on the course Mokhtar has been producing some outstanding oil paintings. We have added one of his recent paintings below. We love the vibrancy of the painting. The fresh colours of the trees really stand off well from the vivid blues of the sea and sky.

The London Art College Common Room forum plays an important part in Mokhtar’s learning. While logged in, he is able to converse with his fellow students and gain their feedback about his work. If students would like to see more of Mokhtar’s paintings, head over to our forum. There are plenty of his wonderful paintings to view and therefore we know you will be inspired.  London art college common room.

We have found that it is really useful for students to chat to their peers in between assignments. Students can ask questions about art materials. Also they can recommend art shops and exchange Facebook pages and links. Most of all students can ask advice from students who are perhaps further on in their courses. The forum is open to all London Art College students and students can sign up for free using their email address. Alternatively they can login using their Facebook and Twitter details.

As a result we hope you enjoy viewing Mokhtar’s oil painting and I’m sure we will be featuring more of his work on our blog very soon.

Oil Painting Student

Cartooning Course – Gethin Walters


My name is Gethin Walters and last week I finally completed the Cartooning Course and I was delighted to gain a pass with a distinction from my tutor John Byrne. I have thoroughly enjoyed the course and I have picked up so many new skills and techniques. The course also set me challenges that I would have shied away from if I had not had to do them but it was through those challenges that I realised that there were things that I could do/draw that I would never have had the confidence to try in the first place.

Over the summer, I completed fourteen cartoons and I was trying to show various techniques and skills that I had learnt over the duration of the course. I had to choose seven of the cartoons so I submitted a variety of single panel, multi panel and comic strips which showed different viewpoints, angles, examples of movement and some caricatures. All of the cartoons that I did in the summer are shown below.

My mentor for the course was John Byrne and he has been extremely helpful and supportive from day one! He has given me a huge amount of confidence and belief in my work that certainly wasn’t there when I started. My aim (the bigger plan!) is to start a website with my cartoons, greeting cards and T-Shirts.

I would also like to do the Illustrating Children’s Books Online Art Course with Maggy Roberts…as I have been blown away in the last few years by the artwork that the students from that course have produced. I thought the Giraffe pictures that Natalia Romankova recently did were fantastic! You can see it on the competition winners page as she was runner up in this years London Art Competition.

I hope you like my cartoons and that they at least make you chuckle…a little bit!

Gethin Walters
Cartooning Course

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Children’s Illustration Diploma Fiona Levings

Hello, I’m Fiona and I am an illustrator who lives and works in sunny Tasmania, Australia. I am completing the Children’s Illustration Diploma with Maggy Roberts.

I am enjoying this course very much; I’ve only been drawing for about three years since I inherited an art studio. It so happened, at the time, that the idea for a children’s book was kicking around in my head and it occurred to me that this might be a happy coincidence. Long story short, I started messing around with ink, wound up enrolling in a few courses and have now produced my first children’s book. Entirely back-to-front, of course: one should really finish the courses first.

The image Maggy has suggested I share today is my version of Firey Fred, the unfortunate dragon required for assignment 3. Poor Fred is only small and he has just realised that his hot breath has accidentally set alight a nearby thatched roof. The assignment requires the image be produced as a colourful vignette suitable for young children but sets few other boundaries.

Tasmania isn’t really known for its thatched roofs so I had to rely upon photographs to get a feel for what was required. Fred himself was created as a combination of sea horse and lizard with a little bit of bunyip rolled in. Working on the sketch my major concern was to capture the expression on Fred’s face. I wanted to find an unusual perspective that would allow his face and posture to be the focus of the picture and I felt that if I could get these things right then everything else would follow. Thinking about how a small child might react in a situation like this, I could just see a little face, wide-eyes horrified, peeping out from its hidey hole at the chaos they have accidentally created. But what can you hide behind on a roof? The chimney! He could be hiding behind the chimney! With that idea, the rest of the composition just unfolded itself, including the idea of using the flame and smoke to frame the vignette itself.

The final image was produced using ink and brush. As suggested in the assignment I used only very light line and applied different colours wet on wet to create texture in Fred’s scales and in the fire itself. Colouring the image was a lot of fun; it’s always a treat to be able to apply really bright colours undiluted.

I am happy with the way Fred turned out; his expression has turned out much as I hoped it would. If you like Fred and would like to see more of my work, I post most of my LAC assignments to my blog at or you can check out my book at Happy drawing!

Fiona Levings
Children’s Illustration Diploma


fiona-levings fiona-levings1

Coloured Pencil Online Course – Catherine Roux

Catherine Roux has recently completed the Coloured Pencil Online Course. She has created the most fabulous coloured pencil drawing of a Chicken and Duck scene in a farmyard.

Catherine said during the course…..

“I have really enjoyed the Coloured Pencil Online Course course so far. I started learning to draw only a few years ago on my own, so I am a beginner really. It started because I really enjoyed creating and manipulating images with Photoshop and Illustrator. I soon realised that if I had absolutely no knowledge of how to draw, I was limited in what I what I could do. I decided that it was never too late to learn!

At first, I started with colour pencils because it was a very accessible medium for a beginner and perfect to learn to draw with. However I soon really enjoyed it in its own right. I really like drawings in colour pencils and would like to improve my skills.

I use Faber-Castell Polychromos and for the paper, I use Italian Fabriano 5 Hot Press. As to the difficulties I encountered, being a beginner, there were many of them. Knowing what details to keep and reproducing the highlights and shadows was very challenging.”

An extract from the assessment of the chicken and duck drawing…

This is another very nice drawing where you have used a wide range of colours. The scene looks three dimensional and there is a good sense of recession in the drawing.

We hope you have enjoyed viewing Catherine’s work. Are you are interested in developing your coloured pencil artwork? If so, our Coloured Pencil Online Course is for you. Prospective students can enroll on our website London Art College Online Art Courses.

Coloured Pencil Online Course

Portrait Painting Course – Deborah Gale

Deborah Gale is currently studying our online art Portrait Painting course at the London Art College. It is tutored by portrait painter Alan Dedman who’s portraits are exquisite. In addition Alan is the perfect person to impart his portraiture knowledge and experience to our students.

Deborah has been practicing painting portraits in watercolour and consequently the painting below is one that was submitted as part of her course exercises. We really like this painting, because the colours have been mixed well, you can see that fresh water has been used for brush rinsing and colour mixing. Each colour that has been laid down is fresh and crisp. Most of all we like the way Deborah has created darker tones in the eyes and hair drawing the viewers eye to this area.

We hope you enjoy viewing Deborah’s painting. Are you interested in painting people portraits? Perhaps you might like to develop your skills further in watercolour? Why not head over to our website to check our courses out. You might like to take our Beginners drawing or beginners painting course first if you are new to art. Then follow on with the Portrait Painting Course. Most of all prospective students can enroll on our website London Art College Online Art Courses at any time.

Portrait Painting Course