Landscape Online Art Course

Diane Allan is currently working on our Landscape Online Art Course Diploma and studied bluebells woodlands and trees as part of her first landscape project. Diane has said….

I would like a better understanding on how to paint landscapes and I would like to produce a landscape painting that I am happy with. In the long term I would like to be able to sell some of my work. I attend a local art club and have taken a 10 week course in basic watercolour painting. I am working on building a website to show my work to family and friends and hopefully the public. I have also started to post some of my work on ‘painters online’ for others to see and comment on.

As Diane has mentioned, Painters Online is a wonderful resource for students and budding artists. Most of our UK based students will have heard of the magazines ‘The Leisure Painter’ and ‘The Artist’ and many of them will have subscribed or purchased a magazine. The website is equally as great and you can visit it here – Painters Online. Im sure, like us, you will sit and scroll through the artwork on their home page in awe!

We hope you enjoy viewing Diane’s artwork and the photo of the woodland, and that you find it inspiring! If you would like to join Diane and study landscapes with tutor Alan Dedman, pop over to our website and visit our Landscape Online Art Course Diploma page.

Landscape Online Art Course

Landscape Online Art Course

Landscape Online Art Course

Coloured Pencil Course – Alison Huges

Alison Huges studied on our Coloured Pencil Online Art Course and created this lovely still life piece using coloured pencils. We love Alison’s attention to detail throughout the piece. The deep vibrant colour of the background and the green colours of the jewellery bag stand off beautifully from the red background.

We can see that Alison has successfully achieved each objects texture and shine and they all look and feel very three dimensional. It is an outstanding drawing and we are certain that Alison’s tutor was thrilled.

When submitting artwork for her tutor to critique, Alison took a photo of the scene she was drawing. This can be very helpful for our tutors as they can actually see what you were looking at and how you translated it when creating the artwork.

Many students do work from life and this is always the best way to work. However sometimes this isn’t always possible and you need to work from photos of your set up. Its really important to have the correct equipment and the ability to take photos for your own artwork. If students need any help and guidance, they can ask questions in the ‘Common Room‘ about their photography. Or why not take our photography course! Find out more on our website…London Art College.

We hope you like Alison’s artwork and you find it inspiring to have a go at something similar yourself.

Coloured Pencil Course

A photo of the still life setup

Coloured Pencil Course

Botanical Painting Online Art Course – Veranika Andreyeva

Student Veranika Andreyeva has just completed our Botanical Painting Online Art Course this week. Veranika received the highest grade, which is a Diploma and passed with flying colours. She will be receiving her certificate very soon. The London Art College would like to send their congratulations to Veranika on completion of her course. The college acknowledges all of her hard work and dedication throughout. 

Shevaun Doherty, our botanical painting online art course tutor, is a professional artist who works full time in the botanical art field. Shevaun helped and guided Veranika through the course and commented on her final piece below…

…..Beautifully drawn and another great composition. Artichokes are notoriously difficult to paint because of the Fibonacci spiral. It is so easy to lose once you start painting. I love the attention to detail in the dissected choke too…wonderful! It looks like you enjoyed this. Having painted these myself, I also know how difficult all those tiny purple petals are in the choke!

We would like to wish Veranika every success in her future art endeavours!

Would you would like study with Shevaun on the botanical painting online art course? Why not visit our website for more details on how you can enroll today. London Art College Website >>

Botanical Painting Online Art Course