Illustrating Children’s Books Online Art Course – Alice Herbert

Students who study our Illustrating Children’s Books Online Art Course are often set the task of creating  pen and ink illustrations in a particular format around a poem. The poem is called ‘When all is Dark’ and we find that it fires the imagination of our students.

Tutor Maggy Roberts receives numerous illustrations on this theme and each student produces unique concepts, with an abundance of hair raising designs!

The illustration below was created and designed by Alice Herbert (Keziah Herbert) and we love all of the different elements she has created here. From the ghost coming through the door which houses the poem, to the lit torch shining on the jack-in-the box to the little faces under the boys bed. There is so much to see, children would be inthralled if they saw this in a story book.

If you have completed our Illustrating Children’s Book Diploma Course and this assignment, why not email it to us for inclusion in our student gallery!


Coloured Pencil Online Art Course – Amelia Whiffin

Amelia Whifffin studied on our Coloured Pencil Online Art Course and created some wonderful full colour drawings, one of which you can see below.

Coloured pencil is a very versatile medium in that you can create smaller studies and sketches or create full finished pieces like Amelia has below. The range of colours you can purchase is incredible, so you should never be stuck for a colour variant.

Manufactures like Derwent provide you with boxes of pencils for different subjects – i.e. all the colours you might need for skin tones for example, or landscapes. This gives you a good basis to start from and then you can purchase pencils separately as and when required.

Don’t forget all of our students receive discounts on Derwent products. Purchasing art materials can be costly, especially when you are starting out on a new hobby. So this is a great way of taking advantage of learning a new skill and being able to experiment with all the materials you need at great prices.


Botanical Painting Online Art Course – Nola Sindel

Nola Sindel studied our Botanical Online Art Course and produced some beautiful illustrations while on the art course. The painting below is no exception, we absolutely love it. Nola handles watercolour as a medium beautifully and the colours all work really well here in her artwork. We particularly liek her use of purples in the background around the toadstools. We also love the way Nola has used the leaf shapes to create the edge of the painting.

Shevaun Doherty is the personal tutor for the Botanical Oneline Art Course and she also tutors the Botanical coloured pencil course too. Students can find out more about our Botanical art courses by visiting our  Online Art Courses website to read more about the course and view students botanical artwork in the student galleries. The course is a Diploma course and students receive a certificate on completion. The course allows students to study botanical painting in their own time at their own pace. They can collate finished pieces for their portfolio and it give students them a firm grounding for exhibition and publishing work.


Watercolour Online Art Course – Belinda Cullen

Belinda Cullen studied on the Watercolour Online Art Course and produced many stunning watercolours during her time with us. You can find a few on our website and this is one of our favourites below.

We love the way Belinda captures her subjects with lots of movement. The colours she uses are rich and warm and her wet in wet washes are fantastic. Belinda handles watercolour as a medium extremely well.

The course is now tutored by Jem Bowden, a very experienced and successful watercolour artist. Jem devotes much of his time helping and guiding his students in their pursuit in taming, what essentially is, a tricky medium to master.  Jem’s course is open to anyone – from beginners to the more experienced artist who may just want to brush up on their skills with a little guidance from an expert.


Pastels Online Art Course – Carol Green

Carol Green, a student  studying on the Pastels Online Art Course, has been experimenting with texture in pastel. The study below of fruit in a bowl is a great exercise for students as it allows the student to tackle a number of things when drawing. Shape, form, texture, light, shade, three dimensional form, composition….etc

You can clearly see Carol has captured the surface texture of the orange beautifully. There is a perfect amount of lights and darks  to describe its texture and form.

The colours Carol has used throughout the piece are superb. The colours used in the fuit are saturated enough to stand out whilst still working with the white of the porcelain bowl.

We can also see that the fruit are sitting on the bowls surface in a three dimensional way. One way of doing this is noting the shadows on the surface of the bowl which Carol has achieved here beautifully.

We would like to congratulate Carol on a superb drawing and hope that our students and readers find it inspirational. Are you studying on the Pastels course? Why not drop us a line with your artwork and we will add it to our college news blog.


Drawing and Painting Course – Andrew Hawkins

This is a lovely sketch from student Andrew Hawkins. Andrew is studying with Alan Dedman on the Drawing and Painting online art course.

The drawing and painting course is a Diploma course and it gives students a wonderful grounding in general drawing and painting. It deals with lots of media and techniques and really helps students develop their own style of art.

The course is perfect for beginners, hobbyists and more experienced artists who perhaps would like to brush up on their skills along with a little personal guidance from their friendly online art tutor.