Christmas Countdown – Drew Sth

Todays Festive artwork is by Student Drew Sth who has created watercolour pieces depicting scenes around Singapore.

Draw Said “Singapore is a tropical country all year round, hence it was fun imagining what it would be like if winter comes one day. Merlion Park: The half-lion-half-mermaid’s-tail-statue is an icon of Singapore. Merlion Park is a popular tourist attraction with Marina Bay Sands in the background. The second image is of the HDB (Housing Development Block) Void deck. The majority of Singaporeans live in HDB flats. The void decks serve as a communal space where neighbours interact. I have more works on my Facebook collective. The link and its affiliate links can be found below.

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drew sth1

drew sth2

Christmas Countdown – Eleanor Patrick

This is one of my personal favourite paintings in the Colleges Christmas Countdown 2015. I have my own brood of chickens and its lovely to see a wintery scene with chickens having fun! The painting is by Eleanor Patrick and we love the way Eleanor has created a very flowing composition, the viewers eye is taken around the scene following all of the chickens antics. We hope you like it too!