And the winners are……

All of the tutors at this years annual general meeting had a very difficult task choosing the winner and runner up from this years competition finalists. We had a record breaking number of entries this year at 156.

We are extremely pleased to announce that the winner is Claire Ninham with her watercolour painting called ‘Final Bow’. Our Runner up was Monique Bailey with ‘Girl and Swan’.

All of the entries and finalists can be found on our competitions page >> and we hope you enjoy viewing them!



Sruthi Nair

Hi Everyone,

My name is  Sruthi Nair (D11 Digital Illustration Course) and I have reached the five finalists for my work ‘Tree of life’ on the ArtStyle magazine competition.

The winner will be chosen based on the number of ‘likes’ against their work. The artwork will be presented on the front cover of the magazine in its autumn edition.

If you would like to leave a vote for me, I would be really pleased. The facebook link below will take you to my page as its judged on the number of likes against the five finalists work.

The Tree of Life – Vote for me here  >>

Thank you for your support

Sruthi Nair
D11 Digital Illustration Course

Alison Hughes

Hello, I have just been told that I can share my great news. I have been selected as one of thirty artists, that will have their pet portrait picture showcased in an Ann Kullberg book. It will be one of these two, but not sure which yet.

I finished my Coloured Pencil course a couple of months ago and since then my life has been amazing. I set up a website and started selling pet portraits on line. I went on to win a couple of local awards and was then approached to enter a couple of pieces to make up a new book. It was for showcasing and giving tips on cat and dog coloured pencil portraits, from established portrait artists and I was accepted. So very excited, can’t wait to see where I go from here.

Alison Hughes
Coloured Pencil Course

alison-hughes2 alison-hughes1


Jamie Hardy

I am currently working on the digital art course, after completing illustrating for children’s books in 2014 and I am loving it! I actually recently reworked my very first assignment ever set by Maggie on the previous course ‘row, row, row’ exercise.

Although very different to the traditional way of doing things, I can certainly see how far I have come thanks to the London Art College. I think after this course I am just going to continue – maybe cartooning next? Don’t want to stop! 🙂
Jamie Hardy
Digital Art Diploma
Jamie Hardy 41076

CHRISTMAS 2015 – Artwork wanted for blog countdown!

CHRISTMAS 2015 – Artwork wanted for blog countdown!

Yes, we know its only October and none of you are thinking about Christmas yet, however we have to be organised and work ahead for the blog 🙂

We are looking to do a Christmas countdown again this year as we had so many amazing pieces last year, we hoped that students would share their christmas artwork / cards with us again this year.

The artwork can be in any medium, for instance using mixed media, collages, glitter, getting messy with lots of paints to the more serious realism drawing and paintings, illustration, cartoons or why not mix digital by drawing in pen and ink, scan it and colour in photo-editing software – or draw and colour all on your tablets and computers. We will also accept any photography, if you have a photo of a snowy scene or similar – superb!

Subject wise it can be anything from snowy landscapes, snowmen, penguins, polar bears, robins, christmas trees, holly, angles and of course anything with Santa etc.

We are also open to a Happy New Year image and if anyone here is thinking of doing a halloween style spooky piece we’d love to schedule that for halowweeeeeen too!

Last year we had enough artwork for 12 days, enclosed are a few from last year for inspiration. Email your artwork to Melanie at with your name, we will be happy to add any links to websites, facebook pages, twitter etc. Even if you have an etsy shop, more than happy to help promote that too.

Have fun and we look forward to hearing from you!

xmas 2015