Emma Hollands

Emma Hollands passed the Pet Portrait Diploma Course with flying colours and this is one of her final paintings from the course. Emma handled all of the mediums well and as you can see below excelled at the oils. The way Emma has painted the background, textured but not too detailed to take away from the horse and allow him to be centre stage is awesome! We are sure that Emma will go far in her art career!


Joy Deane

Joy Deane has been studying with Vanessa Weaver on the Art in Graphic Design Diploma Course and this is one of her still life studies in pen and ink. The composition is excellent, the way that each item has been drawn, the textures and lines are superb. We cant fault Joys drawing here and this kind of study is attainable for everyone. Practice your observational skills by drawing a collection of things from your kitchen cupboard from life – it really is rewarding!


Emily Ashton

Emily Ashtons’ collage painting is just wonderful! Emily is studying with tutor Maggy Roberts on the Illustrating Children’s Book Diploma Course and it looks as though she is enjoying every minute. This piece is fabulous and very cleverly put together too, we love the fact that Emily cut the holes out of the blue pond to create the swans – superb!


Ann Hulme

This blog post needs no introduction from us, we are just left in awe at Ann’s talent and abilities. Congratulations Ann on having your artwork selected for the ‘Mouth and Foot Painting Artists’ Christmas cards. Read on to be inspired!!


I met Tom Yendell in 2008 at the Mobility Roadshow and he gave me my first mouth holder. In 2009 I attended a five day course to learn to paint by mouth.

Initially I undertook a beginners course in watercolour through Aberystwyth University. I have just attained a Diploma in watercolour with a distinction from the London Art College. I have painted portraits, wild life, landscapes and events .

I am just completing a series based on the 2012 Paralympics, before I start a certificate in oils with the London Art College.

I belong to an art group SAA Machynlleth (Iris Doyle organiser), where I am not the only wheelchair user, but I am the only mouth painter. Painting lets me loose myself in the piece I am working on and forget all else. I am inspired by my fellow Mouth and Foot Painters and I hope to continue painting for as long as I am able.

Ann Hulme

Ann Hulme 1

Ann Hulme
Watercolour Diploma