Julia Feliz – Passes With Distinctions!

For Spencer Hill, tutor for the D11 Digital Illustration Diploma Course,  students who tick all the technical boxes but also demonstrate enthusiasm, commitment, progression beyond the material and engage with both Spencer and the course, earns a Distinction. Julia Feliz is one of those students. In only three months she has progressed from simple digital drawings to full blown pieces of art incorporating complicated tools and techniques in both art packages.

Here are a few pieces of her artwork. Congratulations Julia!

Julia-Feliz-43514-1 Julia-Feliz-43514--2 Julia-Feliz-43514-3

Amelia Whiffin

Amelia Whiffin has not only completed one drawing of this bird but two. one in pencil and one in coloured pencil for her Coloured Pencil Course. We often advise students to do preliminary drawings in graphite pencil before starting one in colour as it helps to figure out the tonal ranges, light and shade and shape and form before introducing colour. it can really help to get everything clear in your mind about the subject and it is usually much easier to complete the final piece. We love both drawings by Amelia here – superb job!




Denise Wood – Passed with Distinctions!

Denise Wood has completed her final assignment for D11 Digital Illustration Diploma Course, and tutor Spencer Hill, believe that her progress, enthusiasm and demonstration of the digital techniques has earned her a Distinction.

We are including some of Denise’s artwork below, we hope that you find it inspirational 🙂 Why not pick up your tablet or head to your laptop or computer and start drawing today!

denise-wood-43336-2 denise-wood-43336 denise-wood-43336-3

Jim Pinnock – Poster Designs Wanted!

The college have teamed up again with author Jim Pinnock who is looking for students to create a poster for his one off plays. Jim has written a brief below.

Read more about the plays and the competition, post questions and comments in our Common Room here – Jim Pinnock One off Plays Competition
Please submit your entires to jimandjennie@primehome.com
You MUST include the following information.
Full Name
Student Number
Contact Number
Email address
Artwork must be in jpeg format and be resized to 1500 pixels wide or be below 3mb’s in size. Applicants can then arrange a high resolution version to be sent to Jim when the successful candidates have been chosen.


One Act Plays – Brief
By Jim Pinnock


The objective is to produce a simple graphic to be used on the front of theatre programmes and posters for each of my One Act plays.

The artwork would be offered for use by the drama group who are staging the productions. The image may be in either colour or black and white. Colour is probably best but I think that we could possibly offer both options.

The graphic can be in any editable format and I would suggest .jpg
It should incorporate both the title of the play and my byline.
The drama company will insert it into their programmes, posters and handbills and fit the rest of their details around it, so a panel needs to be left at the top for them to insert their name and the bottom for the production dates.
Attached is an example of a graphic produced for ‘The Melting Sands.’

Students may choose one or more of the plays that may be viewed at the link below. Here students can read the synopsis and/or the whole play. All of these One Act plays will take less than 30 minutes to read.


This artwork, for amateur drama companies, does not demand a high level of detail; the key to this is to produce images that are striking and at the same time simple, and that reflect the mood, theme and genre of the production.

Students who are producing images for more than one play do not need to apply the same uniform house style but may do so if they wish.


Tracy Marshall

Tracy Marshall has just submitted this great image which we felt was completely blog worthy! She also added this to her evaluation page we I though it might be useful for other illustration students.

“….I think what has developed for me is a sense that the images are an intrinsic part of the storytelling and not just pictures in their own right. They need to contribute in their own way to what is being described in the words. Hence the importance of the brief.”
Tracy Marshall
Illustrating Children’s Book Diploma Course


Julie Ann Maguire

Julie Ann Maguire studied with the London Art college last year. She has now developed her own website and its online for fellow students to view. We hope that this helps to inspire our students to create a website of their own if they haven’t already got one. Visit Julie’s website here – SuburbanArtJam
The drawing below is Julie’s 6th graphite image in her Postcards from Eire series. This delightful perspective is of a typical Irish street scene in a village in County Clare. Here we can sense the laid back nature of country life outside of Dublin, the figures bring the scene to life and offer us a peaceful glimpse of a nation once torn in religious and political conflict.