Shelby Bledsoe

This amazing painting has been completed by Shelby Bledsoe on the Drawing and Painting Diploma Course. We absolutely love this, the depth of colours, detail in the vase and fruit, it all looks very three dimensional and solid. Even to the reflected highlights from the fruit onto the white of the jug. Some advanced techniques used here – congratulations Shelby on a wonderful painting.


Stella Faliagka

Stella Faliagka created this collage of colours as an example of a colour palette for the Colour Awareness Course. The photograph Stella has taken of the cut out pieces of paper and the way that they have been arranged is superb. It is a piece of artwork in itself. We hope that you like this too and it inspires you to experiment with colour and colour wheels also as they can be invaluable for artists.


Julie Ann Maguire

To demonstrate that she is not a one-trick pony, Julie Ann Maguire is producing a series of graphite images entitled “Postcards from Eire”. These pieces, in size 20cm x 15cm (8″ x 6″), originate from photographs taken by the artist on a previous family holiday in County Clare, Eire in 2004, where the essence of Irish folklore and architecture is portrayed through a rich trace of her children’s heritage and husband’s roots. Julie captures mood, feeling and fine tone with every pencil mark.

julie-maguire1 julie-maguire

Rory Donald

My name is Rory Donald & today I’ve just submitted some pieces for the final run of exercises of the superb Sci-Fi & Fantasy course to my tutor John Byrne at London Art Collage.

Although it’s taken me a while to complete with work commitments & general life stuff (I must get better organised!) I’ve found it to be a lot of fun as well as very interesting.

I have already been published prior to starting this course but in no way thought I knew it all! During this process I have been approached by various writers to draw their comics (which is & always has been my main interest & love) & one of which I’ve completed, due out in June & I’m currently at the start of a very exciting project with Madius comics.

I also have numerous creator owned projects of which I will endeavour to release to the world dreckly. So if you’re pondering whether you should do one of these courses & you’re a little unsure, all I can say is do it! You won’t regret it.

Visit my Facebook page here >> 

Rory Donald
Sci-fi & Fantasy Course

rory-donald-41238-3 rory-donald-41238-1 rory-donald-41238-2



Matthew Jones

Matthew Jones is currently studying with John Byrne on the Cartooning Diploma and has emailed us a few of his cartoons for us to see and post on our social media pages. We hope that you can help Mathew by giving your feedback which would really help him out as mentioned in his message below. We think he is doing a fantastic job!


I have just completed assignment 2 on the cartoon course. I have had my feedback from John Byrne and was very happy to receive a mark of 80. I would be interested in getting as much feedback as possible and would be happy for anyone to comment on my work.

I wanted my character to represent a social oddity (see the character in uniform and milk joke). In this case I wanted him in an office as I see the drama caused of storing milk in a communal kitchen perhaps on a daily basis.  I thought it would be funny to see what he does. I took advantage of the offer of trying him as a comic book character too.
Many thanks
Matthew Jones
Cartooning Diploma

Matthew-Jones-43512-3Matthew-Jones-43512-1  Matthew-Jones-43512-4 Matthew-Jones-43512-2

Chris McDonald – Success!

We have just received this wonderful email from Chris McDonald who has just passed the Cartooning Diploma with John Byrne. Chris’s career has got off to a flying start….keep reading to find out more! Congratulations Chris!


I’ve just read the feedback you gave me for my final assignment – thank you so much, I’m absolutely thrilled! This course has meant so much to me, and your kind support and encouragement has really helped me rekindle a love for cartooning that had been dormant for decades. Without the Cartooning Diploma I would never have penned any of these cartoons, and certainly wouldn’t have continued to create new ones. I now have the incentive to improve my skills and build on the work that I’ve produced so far.I’m determined to continue sending cartoons for publication, especially now that I’ve set the ball in motion.

Which leads me on to this…

Today has been an extraordinary day in my cartooning ‘career’. As if your news wasn’t amazing enough, I also received an email from The Oldie. Apparently my “Wifi… wifi” desert cartoon is going to be published and will be featured in the next issue! It all seems so fitting somehow – and feels like a wonderful reward for my work on the course.

Thank you again, John, for helping to set me on this new creative path.

Chris McDonald
Cartooning Diploma Course


Photography Competition Open!

Welcome to this years official London Art College Photography Competition. All of our students can enter, whichever course you are taking, please feel free to submit your favourite photo that encapsulates the topic ‘Landscapes & Seascapes’ .

1st prize is £50 Amazon voucher!

Students can enter one photo each sending it to The file size must be reduced to under 3mbs or 1000 pixels wide.

If you require any help please don’t hesitate to post on our competition thread in ‘The Common Room’ – Competition thread >>

The deadline for the competition is midnight 30th of June. Between now and the end of June, take your camera where ever you go. Keep it in the glove box of your car, in your bag…you never know when that perfect photo opportunity will present itself!

Good luck and have fun!