Jenny Gideonsson

Jenny Gideonsson, who is studying the illustrating Children’s books Diploma Course, has submitted the  most wonderful illustration for one of her assignments. I asked if Jenny would write about her illustration and she has very kindly done so below. Thank you so much Jenny and we wish you the best of luck with your next assignment – looking forward to seeing it!
My name is Jenny Gideonsson and I am a student from Sweden. I have recently done my last assignment for the “Illustrating Children’s Books course”. I have had a great time studying the course and I feel that I have learnt a lot.
For the last assignment I was thinking about what media that I feel most comfortable working with. I think that at the moment I feel most comfortable working with ink outlines together with watercolour plus some coloured pencils for details. And that is what I have been working with in this picture. I try to think about what kind of material I am trying to show when I do my outlines with ink and details with coloured pencils, to catch the feeling of different kind of materials. I try to make my outlines strong but at the same time a bit shaky for a spontaneous look.
Then for the colouring I never know where it is going to end. What I decide in the beginning is the feeling I want to catch. In this picture I wanted to get a warm, cosy and happy feeling. When I start colouring I start with something I know. Like: I knew that I wanted to have the wallpaper in Prussian blue so I started there and then the other colors show them self for me as I keep working. I try not to think to much, I try to feel the colors. But in the back of my head I have some thoughts about warm colors coming forward in the picture, cool ones falling back etc.
When I made this picture I was thinking back a bit at the “Sink City-assignment”. When I was a child I thought it was exciting with pictures where ordinary things were bigger or smaller than they are in reality. So here you can see things for the furniture being big colored pencils, matchsticks etc. Maybe I should correct the sentence “When I was a child I thought it was exciting..” I am still excited of these kind of things and I am proudly saying that I am going to feed my childish mind all my life with pictures and texts that makes me happy and inspired. And it is my dream and hope that I am going to be able to produce pictures and texts that makes other people happy and inspired.
Jenny Gideonsson
Illustrating Children’s Books Diploma

Deepthi Horagoda

Deepthi Horagoda has very kindly written about her brand new website and facebook page she has recently set up, along with screen captures of both sites below.  We hope that Deepthi’s experiences will help other students understand a little about the process of setting up a website and Facebook page to promote their own work. We wish Deepthi every success with her online media!


Having recently begun the Illustrating Children’s Books Diploma Course I felt I should set up an online space to share my work. My initial idea was to begin a blog. However, having recently completed the LAC’s Graphic Design Diploma Course I had been considering the possibility of offering my services to an international clientele as well. Therefore I felt that a website, rather than a blog would be best to showcase my artwork.

Having created several websites for others I did not have much difficulty in selecting a web design service that would suit my needs. As I am a designer and not a programmer I need to be able to work intuitively. I also needed a service provider who would let me save a back-up of my sites content. Therefore I selected Weebly.Com’s drag-and drop website builder for creating my site. Once signed up, Weebly.Com has a methodical plan of action which makes you think and write down what you want to achieve from your site. It also encourages you to consider how the content would be separated into pages and sub-pages. This was extremely useful and would have ensured that I had my site set up quite quickly had I kept to my original plan. I had customized 2 different themes and was trying to decide between them when I became convinced that my graphic design work should be featured on the site as well.

Consequently I decided to have 2 separate pages for illustrations and graphic design with links to the relevant galleries nested within. It was at this point that I happened to read in an online article that Weebly.Com does not have alternate text enabled for images in its gallery feature. Naturally I did not want the search engine bots to bypass all my artwork in my galleries! At the same time I had progressed too far with my website to give up on Weebly’s themes altogether. So, after contacting Weebly’s Support and voicing my disappointment I ended up re-uploading and tagging some 50+ images individually. Fortunately I discovered this shortcoming before I uploaded images to my graphic design gallery!

A greater challenge, though was creating a website which would look current and professional in execution. A graphic designer’s website tends to be viewed more critically than that of a fine arts artist. The fact that I was juggling both my illustrations portfolio and graphic design portfolio together did not lessen my difficulties. I decided to take up the challenge but had one more hurdle to face!

Once again, the problem was due to how my website would be used to judge my knowledge of current web design trends and technology. What with more people using mobile devices to access online content, responsive websites have become a need of the times. Whilst Weebly.Com has several responsive themes I felt none of them quite fitted my requirements without customizations. So, after some experiments with 2 of the themes I finally got one customized to suit my expectations.

That said however, I would not recommend viewing an online portfolio’s content on a smart iPhone. The screen is too small to do justice to the visuals. A tablet device or an ipad, though is a good compromise.

I used the built-in Blog feature of the theme to highlight my latest artwork and to give access to view my preliminary sketches. The blog will enable me to share my current work easily without needing to regularly update other areas of the website.

Creating a website can be a stressful task, even if someone else is handling the technical aspects. You, as the owner of the content on the site will still have to decide on the images and write the text or provide the relevant details to be included. What’s more, search engine optimization needs careful consideration as well. Add to all that, no self-respecting modern website can shine in cyberspace without the power of social marketing. So, calls-to-action and other types of promotions needs to be pursued with single-minded clarity. However, when it’s finally all done, you have an invaluable resource for making your art known to the world!

Website – Deepthi Horagoda’s Illustration and Graphic Design Portfolio
Facebook – Deepthi’s Art Studio 

Deepthi Horagoda
Illustrating Children’s Book Diploma
Graphic Design Diploma



Cartooning Competition…Enter Today!

Welcome to our Brand New Cartooning Competition –

First prices is £50 Amazon Voucher

Lac Cartooning tutor John Byrne says

”One of my favourite things about reviewing students’ work on the cartoon course is marvelling at the endlessly clever variations students come up with based on the Humpty Dumpty exercise. With that in mind, I thought it would be interesting to let our student’s imaginations loose on what is probably one of the oldest jokes in the world.

So for this years competition the theme is ‘Why did the chicken cross the road?” You can interpret it however you want to-in cartoon, in comic strip, using caricature, linking it to a topical story… don’t even need to use chickens or roads if theme leads you down some other direction.

The criteria we will be using to select the winner is imagination, good cartoon drawing….and how loudly the cartoons make us laugh!”

Open to all current London Art College Students.
All entries can be emailed in JPEG format to
Closing Date is April 1st
Please include your cartoon jpeg, full name, student number and course
One Entry per student

Any questions please email Melanie at


Dawn Treacher

Dawn Treacher has very kindly shared her challenges from the Illustration Challenge Facebook group. Let us know if you are contributing to the challenges, we would love to blog them here!


I completed the Diploma in Children’s Book illustration with Maggy Roberts last year and am now studying the Children’s Illustration following on course. I really missed having regular practise with illustration work so I decided to join an illustration challenge Facebook group.

The groups sets a title for every week of the year. I have completed 3 challenges with these  titles, Fairy Tale, Italy and Retro. It has been really helpful, its fantastic practise and great for motivation too. I have attached my entries for Fairy tale and Italy..

The link to the Facebook group if anyone would like to join and have a go is here – Illustration challenge Facebook group.
Dawn Treacher
2 1

Linda Carter

Linda Carter is just in the process of completing her Cartooning Diploma With John Byrne. Linda has recently set up some Facebook pages and a website for her work and we asked if it would be possible for Linda to write about her work for our blog sending along a few examples. We are thrilled to post it all below, we love Linda’s work and we hope that you find it inspiring too!
I rediscovered my love for drawing in December 2013 after a very long break away, really I hadn’t drawn for about 30 years, since childhood, as a child I had a thing for cartoons and spent many hours drawing my favourite characters. I stopped drawing in my early teens, I spent 12 years working in graphic design, then married, had children and was a full time Mum.
In 2013 we added to our family with a large labradoodle and a bearded dragon, I thought it would be fun to draw them and that was that, I moved on to drawing pets for family and friends, I was drawing most days, in Jan 2014 I found The London Art College and couldn’t believe that they offered a diploma in cartooning, it took me straight back to my childhood love – almost forgotten! I had to sign up.
I am currently about 3/4 of the way through my course and really enjoying it, I have learned so much. With new skills and growing confidence I decided to set up a Facebook business page to show my artwork, I have been overwhelmed by the support I have had, I have regular visitors to my pages and have been lucky enough to have had quite a few orders too which include fun family cartoon portraits, cartoon greetings cards, and pet portraits. I also offer digital artwork too and have a separate Facebook page just for that. All of my artwork is created from customer photos and I am so thrilled to have been booked up for commissions over the last 4 months or so.
In the future, there are many things I would like to do, when my course is completed I would like to expand my cartoon work by perhaps creating fun designs suitable for the greetings card market, also develop my own comic strip and create fun comic strips for customers based on their families and pets, I would love to illustrate a young children’s book and do a couple more courses at The London Art College to help me with all that.
Here are some samples of my work and links to my Facebook pages and new website:

b d a

NEW! London Art College Course – Illustration Diploma

London Art College are delighted to announce the availability of a new course; Illustration Diploma Course. Taught by college tutor Spencer Hill, this new diploma will teach students how to create art to accompany words and concepts otherwise known as illustrations.

How would you draw an emotion?
How would you respond to a brief from an art director of a magazine?
How would you tell a story using pictures?

The answer to all of these questions and more await you in the new Illustration Diploma.

Throughout the course students will tackle six exciting assignments and create illustrations for poems and magazine articles and create their own sequential illustrations as comics and comic strips.  Using a proven process students will also illustrate a children’s book and create business logos.  All of this in one course supported by a tutor who works as a freelance illustrator and cartoonist.

So if you are looking for a new outlet for your artistic talent, or want to learn how to generate ideas for your artwork, or want to try your hand at one of the specialist illustration fields before choosing a path for further study or a career, then this course is for you! Sign up for the Illustration Diploma Course today!


Artwork above by Gabriella Barouch