Under the sink……

Daniel is currently studying the Illustrating Children’s Books diploma with Maggy Roberts and had posted his latest piece on the student forum. I thought that it would make a wonderful blog post. Daniel was happy to write about his work which you can see and read about below. We wish Daniel all the best for his next piece of artwork!


This brief has challenged me a little bit, I had no idea what to do, the only thing it was in my mind was to create a very open space full of light and happiness instead of a more mysterious and darker space. My inspiration comes from my two children’s they didn’t  liked the space under the kitchen sink, is to dark for them. Some sketching and drawing later I was ready for transferring the drawing on the Fabriano Hot pressed watercolor paper it was the time for drawing the line work with a dip pen and ink.

I didn’t tested the ink properly I just took the sellers word for good about the ink being water-resistant and to my surprise I ended up with the line work done, not being enable to use any watercolors,  the water would have ruined my work. The solution was to redraw the ink line with a waterproof ink or to choose a dry media. I have this wonderful set of Faber-Castel colored pencils but never had the courage to used them for finishing an art work just with this media, finally I decided to move on and do the coloring with the pencils. It was a bit challenging at first but I have managed to finish my work. I guess some times all we need is a little bit of courage to explore new things or in my case an error to be forced to try something different.

Daniel – Illustrating Children’s Book Diploma


A Very Small Size …..

Information about this years competition at lessedra.com Please note we are not affiliated with Lessedra, please enter at your own discretion.


It is my pleasure to announce our 4th International Competition in  A VERY SMALL SIZE  Painting, Drawing, Collage, Watercolor, Photographs, Digital, Mixed Media…With a respect to the quality of art not to the size of art…


If you are interested to participate please have a look at the conditions and prepare your works in the next 3 months 15 x 15 cm or smaller = equal to 5,9 x 5,9 inches.


When sending them please note no frames, no mounts, just the piece of art, in a simple package stating “No commercial value”.

Looking forward to our future good cooperation.You can contact me also on the email below

Yours Georgi Lessedra