The Magic Walnut – Illustrator needed.

We have received an email from Dominic Leyton and are posting it on our blog in case any of our students are interested in working with Dominic. We are in no way affiliated with Dominic Leyton, we have no knowledge about the project and are only passing information on. We wish any student the best of luck if they are successful in working on the project.


I am a screenwriter and playwright who has recently developed and written a children’s novel in conjunction with a charity called KidsCo that helps socially and economically deprived children. The charity is run by Camila Batmanghelidjh who has appeared on television shows such as This Morning, News night and Question Time. The book will be initially published as an ebook with it’s own website which will be linked to the KidsCo website amongst others.

I intend to donate all of the proceeds to KidsCo and this would continue should the book find a publisher etc. Both the ebook and website would greatly benefit with some illustrations. I was hoping this would perhaps appeal to one or more of your students. Due to the charitable nature of the project I am unfortunately unable to offer any payment which I know makes my proposal slightly cheeky. (I am not making any money on this myself.) However I feel this would be an interesting opportunity for an unpublished illustrator to be able to provide drawings for a new ebook and get their name out there.

The story, titled THE MAGIC WALNUT, is about a swan who overcomes his fear of flying with the help of an old mouse and a special magic flying helmet. It is an allegorical tale with its subtext dealing with loneliness, overcoming emotional issues and ultimately finding self empowerment; all of which are issues KidsCo have to deal with. It is around 17,000 words and aimed at 7 to 9 year olds.

Please contact me if you are interested –

Dominic Leyton