Graphic design Students Artwork Success

A graphic design student has created a super piece of artwork and has written about it below. The graphic design tutor Vanessa says…” It gives an insight into this students experience of applying a design to the computer. The result is terrific, achieving a bright, colourful CD cover that is very suitable for it’s target audience.”

I wanted to incorporate a king into the design, and eventually decided that because it was for a children’s CD, that I would make him a bit cute and an animal character. I sketched all of the elements for the design in pencil, then went over it in sepia as originally directed. I then scanned the images into the computer and worked the composition before then importing the file into Painter X. I decided that I would paint it in Acrylics as I like the brush strokes for this medium and so before I started to paint I applied a wood panel texture. I then put all of my highlight and shadow values in on another layer. I then added another layer and put in some warm colour tones. I then painted the background sky on another layer. I drew the clouds directly into the canvas and painted them. On different layers for each part I then painted all of the other elements. I then blended, repainted in some areas and touched up highlights before finishing the painting. I imported the whole file with all the layers into Photoshop, where I added the text and effects on the text such as gradients. To finish I added a curve adjustments and a levels adjustment before flattening the file and saving as a Jpeg. I wanted to paint it digitally as this is more relevant to my own work anyway and what I want to do for moving forward. I thoroughly enjoyed doing this, and am so glad that I got the opportunity to do so, although it took many hours! I am happy with the final result, although I learned so much doing this. There would be a few things that I would change about the way that it was done to make a better workflow and so improve the final result further. On a plus note though, my four year old son loved it and wanted me to print it out and put it on his wall – high praise indeed 🙂

Graphic Design Student Artwork
Graphic Design Student Artwork


International Open Art Competition 2011

International Open Art Competition 2011

This contest is ‘open’ to both amateur and professional artists. Deadline for entries 30 April 2011 Entry Fee- £10 to submit up to 5 images. Please read details and rules for the contest for more information.

  • 1st Prize- £350 worth of vouchers to spend on artist materials,or cash,  and exposure on your own dedicated for 1 year. Visit last years winner
  • 2nd Prize – £100 worth of vouchers to spend on artist materials, or cash, and exposure on for 1 year
  • 3rd Prize – £50 worth of vouchers to spend on artist materials, or cash, and exposure on for 1 year

For further details please go to:

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